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3-Article: In this month newsletter: Just a short note..

4-Looking for songs

5- Songwriting contests 2009

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1) Welcome friends...

Hi guy's .

This month there will be just a short note in stead of an article. I've been very busy at the moment working and developing the web site. There will be a lot of pages wiyh new issues being added in the coming weeks and month..But... With 2009 the new entries for songwriting contests are also lift-off..There are a lot who are accepting submissions, or will be open for new entries in a month or so.. Interested! Then here are a few..

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3) Article: Just a short note...

The biggest news that has been going on now for a few month is the financial recession in the US and the rest of the world. This crisis has also an influence on the music business. But does it has also an affect on the Internet. Well..As my honest opinion.It has surely an impact on the advertisement and the behavior of visitors "to buy or not to buy" on the net.. It was already quit a hard business, and the finacial crisis will not make it better. So, the music business ( and we all) will have to deal with this,and find new ways to make the best of it.Hopefully the world will overcome the crisis in time.. This could last for a year or two (let's hope). In the meanwhile , we have to continue writing songs.

and maybe you do some song promotion with entering to the songwriting contests 2009.

4) Looking for songs!


Make sure that you copyright material before sending it to anybody else.

- Make sure that you make a contract/ signed agreement if you the singer,producer/songwriter want to team-up for a song, music deal.... -Make sure you fully understand any offer that's been made. -Otherwise, you betterfind legal advice before signing anything: Record deal, publishing deal, or any other deal between you as a songwriter and the other.

Alessandro Viviani from Caracas,Venezuela, need songs for a new 18 years old singer called Valeria who is starting her first production. What kind of style: POP ROCK,

examples: Kelly Clarckson, Avryl Lavigne.

Contact E-mail Address: vivianiproducer@yahoo.com Web Site URL: www.myspace.com/alessandrovivianiproductormusical

Amanda from the United states, is looking for songs in the style of Norah Jones, Sarah Mcglaulin, Damian McGitny, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston

E-mail Address: abeachlover101@aol.com

5) songwriting contests

We don't stand guarantee about these songwriting contests.. New contests have to prove themselves and established have already a long tradition. But tis doesn't mean that new starting songwriting contests are just fake , or so. Every contest has been started one day and needed credibility that they have been build-up troughout the years of experience. Again , I don't want to say that new contest have less value, but just be careful ( as usual), and you may let us know when things have gone right (or not)

Normally these contest are accessible for every songwriter, whatever country he's or she comes from, you can access ( as long as you pay the access fee of course). But, to make things clear and avoid disappointments, better read the rules of entry first. You never can be too sure, do you.

John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Dedicated to creating opportunities for professional and amateur songwriters, Yoko Ono Lennon presents annual contest in 12 genres . John Lennon Songwriting Contest
Great Lakes Songwriting Competition 2009 Sponsored by: Elderly.com · Indie-Music.com · Broadjam.com ... www.greatlakessongs.com/
Traditional Countrymusic Contest.

Contest is open to anyone who considers themselves to be amateur or professional songwriters.


Country, Traditional Country, Bluegrass, Country Gospel Traditionalcountrymusiccontest.com

The 29th Australian National Songwriting Contest 2009. The Australian Songwriters Association is a national non-profit membership based organization ...

Billboard World Songwriting Contest has big changes underway. With those changes come huge opportunities to advance your career in songwriting. ...


The International Songwriting Competition is now accepting applications for the 2009 Song Contest. Open to all songwriters!

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels and promote excellence in the art of songwriting. Amateur and professional songwriters and musicians are invited to participate.


Useful services

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Promote your demo CD..Everything you have to know..

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