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2-Article of this month: Song Assessment! A must before recording your demo.

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2)Song Assessment ! A must do before recording your promotion demo

In this month article we'll take a closer look at the assessment of the songs(or evaluation of your songs) It's not our intention to give a review about every assessment service on the net, because this would be an impossible task, but rather to give you an idea of some ways that you can follow on how to do your song assessment.

First of all.

The importance of an assessment before making a demo!

Because you need to know if your song has commercial potential or not. This is in main important for an A&R rep. and the music publisher, who will try to get your songs cut. Commercial songs are the life blood of a company. So....

So, before spending a lot of money on your demo recording, an assessment can be very very useful. Like I have explained in some issues of the web site, you have to write a lot. As I said, write about 2 songs and around a hundred songs on a year base. If you can write more , even better.

When you have written just a dozen songs or so, then you want to make a promotion demo, right! To pitch out to the record labels or publishing companies, to get contract signed. Isn't it? And..remember, only your best songs will do , or what you think that are your best songs.

So, before doing recording , you have to make a selection of your best own written songs. One thing clear, this will not be easy, because you have created the songs yourself, and for you they are all equal of value. Some times you spend a lot of your time on a song,and this song doesn't get it to the demo. That's live folk's. Not every song can make it.

On the end you keep a dozen songs or so,and this on a year base. A dozen songs mean ,a full CD, with what you think that are your best songs.

So,it's about these selections of songs we will talk here-and give I'll give you some suggestions and thoughts that you can use or just think it over.

More about the song assessment.

Visit here ++Song assessment++

How to make a selection?

On the first place, their commercial potential, of course. On the end, it all came to money, no doubt about that. After all, that's what a band, songwriter is doing it for. Or Isn't it?

Also, keep on righting songs, is the only possible way to achieve a successfully songwriting career.

You have to invest into your demo recording, and the best thing is to recycle your money, as much as possible, and that's why you need commercial music and songs, as-well as the A&R and the music publisher need also. They need it to keep their business going and growing.

How to do a song assessment (or how make sure your song has commercial potential)?

Well, there are a few roads to find out, and I shall try to give you the best ways.

In the first place, there 's your own judgment, or what you think that are the best songs suiting , to add to your promotion demo. Of course , your opinion of the best songs aren't exactly what others (A&R,Publisher...)would say or think. No , to make an evaluation of your songs yourself, is the least way to walk, but you have to start some where. Isn't it?

Then there is the taste of family, and friends. Of course, again not such a good thing to do. Can they really do an neutral evaluation? Or will they go for what they think that suits the best for you. Something to think over. The best thing is that an evaluation would be to be done by a neutral person. Some one with no connection with you what so ever.


The assessment done for free or paid..

The assessment done for free

A songwriting company, guild or association. But remember the expression. What nothing cost , nothing worth. I don't know or this is always the case with this kind of assessment. But, one thing clear! Don't expect to much of something for free.

Then there are the paid evaluation services. Vary between $ 15 and $ 100 par song assessment, you'll get an more comprehensive evaluation of your song. How Comprehensive,is of course depending of the amount of money the evaluation is cost.

The advantage of these assessment is that you will get some advice on how that you can improve your songs (adding an instrument...), if necessary. Anyway, if you have a song with a lot of commercial potential, they will tell you also. It's also even possible that they will offer you a publishing deal (when it's owns a publishing company).

An other way to assess your songs is..

Open a Myspace.com page, or set up a video page with Youtube.com Add your best songs and see how the pubic reacts, by reading their comments, and you see how many times your page is viewed and your song (sample) has been listened to.

A myspace, or youtube page that has a lot of views,subscribers, and have a lot of positive comments,sure can make some impression on the music business people. No doubt about. Even better when you can prove that you have a lot of downloads of your latest (own produced and record) CD, can be the key to open the gate to a the mayor label, or a better Indie label.

Of course,what you also can do is starting your own label. Then you have no more to worries about getting signed or not. Your just sign your self in..and that's it.

One last sugestion...

The myspace or youtube page is, and that's my personnel conclusion, one of the best new ways to have an idea about the potential of your song. And many young bands and artists have already proved it. An unsigned band get some times a better response on Myspace then a band signed to a mayor label. And the labels know it too. Believe me..

I even can give you a good example of Youtube who has been noticed by the labels.. The top 10 of most viewed on youtube, and also featured on this web site video promotion corner.

# 1 :OK GO 14.703.689

# 2 : Miaa Rose 8.430.027

# 3 : Fort Minor 4.632.856

# 4:Terra Naomi 4.025.587

# 5: Soulya Boy 3.621.856

# 6: Boys Like Girl 3.621.856

# 7: Jake Coco 3.484.512

# 8: Eric Mongrain 2.163.597

# 9: Greenland Band 1.125.922

# 10: Eric Michael Hopper 1.125.922

This just to show you what influence Youtube or Myspace can have on your career. One thing clear. If you're good, then this will be very clear after enjoying youtube our myspace. When a good, strong song is been added, the comments shall be positive ( besides a few jealous guy's reactions maybe), and this will be noticed by the music pros also. Also, when visitors view your video, and only a rough basic, but decent video version is added, and people will like what they hear and see. Naturally, they will be enthusiastic to bey you master mixed CD. And again something to show to the music business people. The amount of Cd's that have been downloaded. So, they advantages of having a myspace or youtube presence are endless.

Last song assessment.

Join in with songwriting contests. Cost you some money, but if you get a good response on you song material, then things can go up and rising for you and your career. Contests of course, are not free, everything has a price. So be careful with your money,and act after careful consideration .

So, we came to the end of this article. Again, I hope you have learn something and you'll be with again next month..

Then there's only left us to give you...

4) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with-out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about an online-business.. Please... Check this out before you take the wrong host...

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