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3- This Month Article: Sell Music Online!

Hi everyone and welcome to our latest issue of SongMakerX-press.

In this issue I'll try to give you a better view of how to monetize your music. Normally you should say,"I sell my Cd's and that's it, but nothing is less true.

Off course,selling you CD( Gigs,mail outs...) is the mayor way to make some money out of your music, and the more Cd's you sell the better should I say ( and that's not only my opinion). This is far the best promotion to the mayor or independent record labels, is to selling lot's of your perfect recorded (band )CD through downloads or mail delivered.

There are a few companies who are providing a CD promotion and selling opportunity; The best known are: Broadjam,CD Baby and soundclix. A few words to explain these three companies.

One little note: I don't promote these services and companies, I only give you the information of what these companies are , so you have an idea of what they are and provide. I don't recommend any of them, I just pass-on info., neither am I an affiliate of one of these companies. I just thought it could be useful to you and you can compare these companies.

Starting with Broadjam:

Broadjam Inc. Is a US based company, and provides web-based promotional tools and services for independent musicians, the music industry and fans around the world. It's also a web community focused on independent music, with a massive on-line database of searchable songs by artists from all 50 U.S. states and over 150 countries worldwide. The Broadjam Pro Services group designs and builds custom technology for music industry clients such as Warner/Chappell, Academy of Country Music, Peavey, Yamaha and others.

Musicians can get a free account and promote their music on-line, sell their MP3's, gain fans, enter contests & more.

You also can Sell your music downloads (Sell for $.99, Keep $.80!)

You can get your music to film & TV supervisors, radio stations, and professional reviewers.

Build a fan base and enter contests to win prizes and exposure. You can also Get a musician's website


SoundClick.com is a music website that features both signed and unsigned bands.

You will find well-known artists such as Janet Jackson, Sarah McLachlan, Moby, Gravediggaz, PM Dawn, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Letters To Cleo. But the driving force are hundreds of thousands of great unsigned bands looking for their big break.

SoundClick Statistics · more than 50,000 new songs approved each month! · more than 6,000 new bands approved each month! · serving songs since 1997 Soundclick provides free services

· free artist page · free MP3 store: sell your songs as digital downloads · unlimited song uploads · band approval: within 24 hours · after approval: instant approval of songs · private band message board · gig calendar · music charts Optional fee-based services · VIP accounts ($9.95/month) with Flash page, ad-free, background radio, 320 kbps mp3 option, 40MB/song uploads, deep-linking,..... · Promotion tools ($4.95/month) with frontpage rotation as 'featured band', chart highlight.


CD Baby.com is an online music store specializing in the sale of physical compact discs from independent musicians directly to consumers. Additionally, the company has become a digital aggregator of independent music recordings, distributing content to several online digital music retailers.

CD Baby is the d/b/a of Hit Media, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, owned by CD Baby founder Derek Sivers. According to the company's web site, CD Baby was founded by Sivers in 1997, out of his home, and currently operates out of Portland, Oregon.. CD Baby allows artists to set their price point for selling physical compact discs – CD Baby retains $4 of every sale, the remainder gets paid out to the artist on a weekly basis. They also charge a one-time $35 setup fee per CD.

Until now : * 208,453 artists sell their music at CD Baby * 3,803,202 CDs sold online to customers * $61,636,855 paid directly to the artists

www.CD Baby.com

Some People will say "I'm not interested in making money", well.., I have my serious doubts about that. If they will be offered a record deal of let's say of $100.000 ( or more) , believe me,they won't hesitate to sign ( and that's ,by the way, very risky thing to do). But in fact, who would refusing this offer ?

There are probably more companies who are doing the same services as the above mentioned. I have only took what I thought were the top three of the CD selling companies for independent.

So.. I thought services like this, could be interesting for the unsigned artists, and bands. I should say: Check them out!

There are of course more ways to sell your Cd's online to the public, but this info, I'll share with you an other time.

I will end this month article with saying :

Keep on writing, you have nothing to loose!

4)Looking For Songs..

Ta-tiana Ang from City: Klang, Selangor Country: Malaysia

E-mail Address: samantha_ang83@yahoo.com

The style of music she's looking for:I like hip-pop, Jazz & R&B. My fav boy band is TVXQ.

Both parties have to consider of making contracts first, before using or sending any copyrighted songs or music.The best advice that I can give you is this. Never ever start a business relationchip ( in any form) with out signing contracts...

5) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about your own web site and online business.. Please... Check this out

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