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SongMaker!X-press, Issue # 64 Demo recording service or of line recording studio
November 09, 2012


and welcome to the latest issue of Songmaker!Xpress. Last month I told you of the technical problems with my PC. These problems are still occurring.... Time to purchase an other PC I guess..If not next month then next year, for sure..

Enjoy or newsletter..


Table of contents!

1- Welcome word

2-For all our (New) subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-books. Starting an online business! All you have to know..

3-Artists looking for songs!

4- Article : Demo service or recording studio...

5-Useful services

1) Welcome word..


Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriterX-press.

Special thanks to all new subscribers don't forget to download your two "FREE" e-booklets


As already mentioned above, subscribers can download ( if they wish) two great gifts for free: Two business e-books on how to start and run an Online Business successfully.

2)The FREE gift for our New Subscribers.

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First of all

Hi guy's..Thanks for being with us.

Short introduction info about our website "".

So,a few years ago I decided to created this website to share all the knowledge that I 'I've gathered through the years. I always say that I can't learn how to write a hit song, because if there was a recipe for hit songs, every one would writing hit songs, and hit-songs would become normal. Compare it as if everybody would know the winning numbers of the lottery..and hit the jackpot..

What I do is giving advice on how to promote, and record your songs as a professional would do. Also, I try to find resources that accept demo submissions, and that's probably the biggest work, and also very highly targeted by our site's visitors..

Our site "" in numbers.

Our website has 188 pages online..home page included.

At the moment we receive more then 11000 Unique visitors monthly.. and about 15,000 returning visitors..

Most of our visitors, about 65 %,are from the United States, 15% from the UK, and the rest from Europe, Australia, Canada China and more than 100 other countries..

There are also the Back Issues. These are the newsletter in the past published.These stay online on our site.. Every visitor that comes to our site can read them..

"Looking for songs" corner..

Hi. This is the "Looking for songs" corner of our monthly newsletter.

This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check out if you are over 18 years old. You need at least 14 years old, otherwise please don't submit...

Note: Make sure that you make a contract/ signed agreement if you the singer,producer/songwriter want to team-up for a song, music deal...



Young American teen singer, Alysa..

Check out her singing at Youtube ...: Alyssa She's looking for pop and r and B. Very talented seen on TV and local radio but just needs original material to sing

E-mail Address:


Daim is a songwriter,music artist from Pakistan.. He's writing pop songs with a Hip Hop R& B..sound info: pop songs

To check out his songs on Youtube: Daim

4) About the online demo recording service, or the of line recording studio..

The difference between an into your neighborhood recording studio, and an on-line demo recording service.. What would fit your needs the best.. You doesn't want to spend a large amount of money on a home recording studio.. So, a nearby recording studio ( or far away abroad..) or a demo service on the world wide web.. It's up to you to decide... Anyway.. The recording of your music, and your songs are important. Probably one of the "most" important parts of "Things to do" to start a career as a songwriter, or music artist..

Last month newsletter, we've discussed home recording, and the different ways and tools that I, myself prefer to use, for making a brilliant demo recording.

Let's take a clothier look if you decide to let your songs recorded by a demo recording service..

What? The best way to describe a demo service, (mostly)as an Internet business that do all the things musically what you are ask for..One singer and one instrument ( guitar or piano) is the cheapest option..and in fact it doesn't need to be much more when it's just going to be a promotion demo.. The demo fee will greatly depends of the number of instruments you wish to include, and of course also of the quality of the recording..

The demo recording service has it's best time with the arrival of the internet..These recording companies provides a service that deliver, if you wish, a broadcast ready demo CD. Your promotion demo that you have to pitch to record labels and or music publishers to get a publishing, record deal.

How does it work? First of all you need to find a demo recording service that fits your needs..Does it provides your style of music? So, after your search, and you have find the right service,that provides recordings at reasonable fee..

Then you send your demo..with the songs that you wish to include on your promotion demo..It can also be usefully to ad a letter with instructions, information about how that your song need to sound..Wish instruments, how many singers ,if the singer no to be girl or boy.. Details that often are forgotten.. OK, there's also the web, and e-mail, were you can keep in touch, and directly give instructions on the result of your demo.

Also, make sure that you could have a listen of the result and what the recording sounds like.. Afterwards you can give advice, or make a one time corrections, changes, to the recording.. After that, it's to late

Keep in mind that in most cases you pay for the recordings with a credit card, and before anything is recorded.. No money, no recording..

Find demo recording services...

When you wish to know more about demo recording services...

That's the difference with a recording studio somewhere in you neighborhood, where you first record your songs ( that you do the singing your self), and when are satisfied with the result, then you pay..Some pay even when they are not satisfied, but that's there choice..Could be many reasons why the recording is not the recording that you expected to be..

If you go for a low budget, cheap recording studio, don't expect a $ 2000 par hour/studio result, because it's obvious that the result will be a slightest better..High professional..and expensive..

The demo recording service could give an excellent result too. It's also depending on whet you want, and the price that you are ready to pay for a brilliant recording..If you wish a full mastered demo recording, this will cost you a lot more then an excellent, but top-mop mastered cd's...

For more info about recording studios...go here

Usefull servicess..

Building your online web business.. No, this is not about getting rich quick...There's the step, by step action guide..that shows you how to do build an online business successfully..

Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

You've come to...

The end of this month Issue. I should say: Up to our next one. Next month article will be about royalties.. The earnings of a songwriter..


Thanks again for sharing your time with us.

If you have Comments! Ideas! Feedback on the subject..

Feel free to let me know..simply reply to this newsletter.

Dear ,..

Best regards, and until our next issue..

Paul F...

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