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1- Welcome word

2-For all our (New) subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-booklets. All you have to know when starting your own web site.

3- looking for songs

4-Article : A word about the mayor record labels

6-Useful songwriting services

1) Welcome word..

Hi guy's..

First of all thank's for your support. Special thanks to the new subscribers..Halloween , with or without the parties... Hope you all have survived

This month article is about social networking

I should say...Feel free to visit his web page...

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3) Article : Free promotion through social networking...

We gonna have it about a special kind of music promotion: Namely, promotion through a social networking site. What are the advantages and disadvantages ( every medal has it's bad side)of social networking.

Important things that you have to know when starting with your web presence.

If you are an performing artist, songwriter,singer-songwriter, or band member, then you and your band need some exposer. You could say: I'm already on the net with Myspace,Youtube,....and many others.

OK, these sites are good promotion for artists,and a plus is that it's completely free. But who do you think has the most advantage of all. It's not the artist with only one page web presence who's gonna make it to the fame and fortune, it are the guy's who own these social networking sites who are doing a golden business. Remember that Youtube is sold to Google for several billions ( Yes a BILLION Dollar).

Truly their webmasters where genius with a sharp sight what the future would bring. They have achieved their dream: They have made a web site and become millionaires or even billionaires. No, not everybody is having such bright prospects. But as we often mentioning: The world is for the one who is daring to do.

The Internet is for a business one of the best solutions you can imagine, but if you never dare to take a risk (what risk?), you'll stay sitting in front of your computer while others are grabbing the chances on the net.

If you have a personal web site, then you can promote yourself, your band, your songs ,music,your own web site, to the other members of these social networking clubs.

My personal choice goes to Myspace, but that's totally my own opinion. Facebook is ,as far as I can judge, the most popular social network site.

Let's start with the pros:

It's free, and free promotion is always welcome.

You can meet people that you otherwise never would meet.

It's fun, and a little bit addictive too( I don't know if this is really an advantage).

While promoting your band and music, you can carefully listen, and hear what people have to say about your music, your band . What are they thinking about you, your music, your band...

You can direct them to your own web site, where all your band,artist information is available..

If you are a band , then every band member can make an page,..The more pages you have the more presence on the net you have, the better it is for your band promotion. You can lead social networking friends directly to you CD sales page.

You can do thousands of things on a social network sit, but that takes time.

And so we come to the disadvantages or the cons.

They maybe free, but some having an aggressive promotion policy. It could be that all your friends in your mailbox receive a "joying us" mail. Something you are doing because they ask you the do, but in fact you don't wanna do.

One you have to look out for is that your personal, or privacy isn't been violated. Sometimes you have to accept some "entrance policy" and you need to click to accept. Otherwise you're not welcome. Goodbye and good-luck.

These kind of policy activities is something that I personally really hate. That's not "fun" anymore, but it looks more to scam activities then social networking.

Be careful what information you add to these sites, because these info will stay there for as long as this web site will last, and that could be forever. Every word, or photographs,videos..

Be careful, it can be used by others, or sometimes your photo shows up in a dating site, with out you knowing it. What can you do about it?Bring it to court? If you accidentally, when you're extremely lucky, come across your own photo, on a dating web site.

Best thing that you can do is to send then a friendly letter through mail, that you bring this matter before court ( what you,by the way,never must do, for reason: to expensive)if they don't take your picture, or photo from their site. In most cases they will listen and do what you ask.

An other note:

There are network sites that are having a special Internet: Like travel,school,books, shopping,television,computer and video games..and of course music.

These are just a few examples to show you what can happen if you join some social networking sites.

Here a selection of social networking sites that in music or songwriting..The ones that could be interesting to promote your own music too.

Amie Street Music

Buzznet Music and pop-culture

Gogoyoko Fair play in Music - Social networking site for musicians and music lovers

Last.fm Users 30,000,000

MOG Music

Reverbnation : Social network for musician and bands

Soundpedia.com Music site

Supernova.com Independent music fans and artists.

All these sites above , you can visit on-site here: Social networking sites!

4)Looking for songs?

First Name:

E-mail Address: syazanakharlinajasminejaafar@yahoo.com

Country: Malaysia Pop rock and solo singer Syazana Jasmine, want to a find chance to be great singer someday like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato. I'm just 15 years old.

Web Site URL:

If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you wish to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties..

You can visit Syazana Jasmine's web page here:
If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you wish to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties..

6)Useful services

If you're thinking about starting your own web site! Than,why not building yourself a solid online business.. Read this info how to... Step by step..

A word about promotion

Promote your demo CD..Everything you have to know..

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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