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SongMaker!X-press, Issue # 67 Music promotion versus music marketing
February 09, 2013

Hi, Welcome to our latest issue of songmaker X-press..Special thanks to all the new subscribers to our free newsletter...

Enjoy this month newsletter..


Table of contents!

1- Welcome word

2-For all our (New) subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-books. Starting an online business! All you have to know..

3-Artists looking for songs!

4- Article : Music marketing versus music promotion

5-Useful services


Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriterX-press.

Special thanks to all new subscribers don't forget to download your two "FREE" e-booklets


As already mentioned above, subscribers can download ( if they wish) two great gifts for free: Two business e-books on how to start and run an Online Business successfully.

2)The FREE gift for our New Subscribers.

MYSS: Make Your site sell, 1500 pages , every info you need when starting a business web site!

MYCPS: Make Your Content Presell,

Two great E-booklets for free. If you're thinking about starting a home based (music) business on-line, or if you know someone who does, then this is something for you( or him/her). Two E-books you absolutely need to read. And.. most of all , they are a gift.

1500 pages of high value information on starting an online business!

Make Your Site Sell!2002

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First of all

Short introduction info about our website "".

So,a few years ago I decided to created this website to share all the knowledge that I 'I've gathered through the years. I always say that I can't learn how to write a hit song, because if there was a recipe for hit songs, every one would writing hit songs, and hit-songs would become normal. Compare it as if everybody would know the winning numbers of the lottery..and hit the jackpot..

What I do is giving advice on how to promote, and record your songs as a professional would do. Also, I try to find resources that accept demo submissions, and that's probably the biggest work, and also very highly targeted by our site's visitors..

Our site "" in numbers.

Our website has 190 pages online..home page included.

At the moment we receive more then 11000 Unique visitors monthly.. and about 15,000 returning visitors..

Most of our visitors, about 70 %,are from the United States, 15% from the UK, and the rest from Europe, Australia, Canada China and more than 100 other countries..

There are also the Back Issues. These are the newsletter in the past published.These stay online on our site.. Every visitor that comes to our site can read them..

"Looking for songs" corner..

Hi. This is the "Looking for songs" corner of our monthly newsletter.

This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check that You are a least 14 years old, otherwise please don't submit...

Also, you need to add your exact website URL..Because your name and facebook or Twitter..Suppose I enter your name "John Smith" into the FB search box, I get a long list with names.. So, exact web url of your website,FB,Twitter, or any other web presence..Thanks...

Note: Make sure that you make a contract/ signed agreement if you the singer,producer/songwriter want to team-up for a song, music deal...

Fastlane South Band!

Country band who sings/plays a variety of country music: Mel Haggard, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Gary Stewart, George Strait, Randy Houser...the list goes on!

Looking for songwriters who want a talented United States band to sing & play their songs! First Name: Raeanne E-mail Address:

. Fast Lane South Band...

article: Music promotion versus music marketing.

This month newsletter will point-out the difference between music marketing and music promotion..

Simply explained this means nothing more then soft promotion and hard promoting machine.. Music promotion can easily be done for free.. Mouth to mouth is also promotion.. The social networking sites are an excellent way to promote your music for free..Promotion is not always for free.. There are promotion companies that ask a fee to do your promotion..

While music marketing is a promotion in a higher gear..Music marketing can be done by you to promote your newest CD, but in most case it's done by music marketing companies..They find out what the markets wants and start to deliver as fast as they can..and as much as they can.. The whole aim is to sell..nothing more nothing less..

Music Marketing...

Good marketing must roll like a good oiled machine..and hope the money is rolling in as much as possible..

Music marketing is mostly the job of record labels,entertainment companies,management companies.. They will try to market the band or music artist as best as possible.. Music marketing cost money, and the goal is to win the money back.. Music business is a hard business, so it's normal that music marketing is hard too..Not every one will win the money back,it can be a failure too.. So, music industry is a case of kill or cure, or sink or swim..

Music marketing is also more a case for bands and performing artists..They sign to a record label, and then recording a CD, and then they go on tour.. Then the music marketing train is on it's wheel to go on and on without any rest..People who win television contests as there are : Idols, talent, X factor,....these sort of contests.. Winners are drop down in the middle of a music business make let the money roll in..That's music marketing on it's best.

Promotion can be done by everyone who wish to get a level higher on the music business ladder..It doesn't has to cost a lot of money (but money surely can help..), and it's the best way for songwriters to promote their music to the industry..

Usefull servicess..

Copyrights...To come to ASCAP again, they'll accept members from the whole world..

Building your online web business.. No, this is not about getting rich quick...There's the step, by step action guide..that shows you how to do build an online business successfully..

Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

You've come to...

The end of this month Issue.


Thanks again for sharing your time with us.

If you have Comments! Ideas! Feedback on the subject..

Feel free to let me know..

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Best regards, and until our next issue..

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