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3- Article:A word about music promotion companies!

4-Looking for songs

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1) Welcome word..

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3)Article:5 tips on music promotion companies

The music promotion company, is a service company that will do all the pitching and the chasing, or better said"The promotion work", on the band, or the singer behalf. They promote your music to radio stations,music magazines, and they send your demo to publishing companies or record labels. Some even have their own Internet radio or an on-line magazine( or both).

Some run a demo recording service, were you can demo the song(s) that you want to promote. One thing they all have in common: They cost money More about

music promotion companies...

5 tips when you wish to hire the services of a promotion company.

Tip 1: Find out how long that they are already in business. The longer they stand , the better the service.

Tip 2: Go to forums and social networks... .Hear and read on social network sites if there's any news about that service you want to use, and find out how successfully they are. A success rate of 100%! Don't believe it..

Tip 3 Sometime you have to pay for an inclusion into a compilation CD. It could be the right thing for you, but be careful,in many cases it isn't. Check every services out before trying.

Tip 4 Don't believe everything they write. If 50 % of what they are offering becomes reality, you're lucky.

Tip 5: You better should do the promotion yourself.There's Myspace,Youtube,Facebook, and they are all free. Consider them if you've really no time at all, then I could understand. But if you have the time,my advice is: You better promote yourself. True, this cost money, and a lot of your time too. So,it's quit normal that a music promotion company are expensive.

Promotion will take quit some time, and the cost to send packages to record labels, publishing companies,...are going up never down. Or you should send e-mails with an URL to your EPK (electronic press Kit), what is a lot easier then sending packages through mail service.

If you hate the promotion job, then hire a music promotion service. They do it all for you, for a fair price.

Their name: Taxi,songcatalog....to name a few.., and you can find them on the net.

Visit our web site...Song Makes Musicbusiness.com

4)Looking for songs

This is the "Looking for songs" section. Here singers try to find the right songs that fits their style,genre....

Remember! Both parties (songwriter and singer)have to make an signed agreement,and check the contract (agreement) carefully before signing. If you wish to know more about music contracts.. Brende from South Africa

: Looking for songs to sing like in the genre of Celine Dion, Beyonce, Evanescence, Jordan Sparks, Kelly Clarkson etc. Mostly Ballads E-mail Address: bkotzee@yahoo.com

Shalay from the United States E-mail Address: shalaycano@gmail.com

Is looking for songs...read all about Shalay on her Blog.. shalayc.blogspot.com

5) Useful services

Thinking about starting your own website! Than,why not building yourself an online business..Easy,if you know how..

Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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