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3-Article:The role of the a&r, the music publisher and the music producer

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1) Welcome friends...

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3- This Month Article: The role of the a&r Ex., the music publisher, and the music producer.

In this month article I shall try to give you a better view on the most important music industry people. - The a&r exec, - the music publisher -the music producer. Not that I think your stupid or so , but many ( beginning) songwriters and musicians don't seems to know what these people actually are doing. What is their role?

I have wrote already a page about the a&r and the music publisher and you can read this on-site,

Let's start with the A&R guy's.

These are the people who are running a record label, with the head of the A&R on top of the label. The head of the A&R has mostly the last word when it comes signing a band or music artist. The other a&r people are scouting talented bands, and negotiates if a band will be signed or not. Their job is not only negotiating record deals, but also promoting the bands who are already signed to the label. Like I said: they (simply) running a label.

Read more here...

The music publisher

: A record deal can be a hard to achieve object, an publishing contract can even be harder task to overcome. Most publishers and music publishing companies are collecting the money from publishing rights and copy rights. If you sign a deal with a music publisher, he/she, will collect the royalties for you and pass them on to you.

Most of the deals are on a 50/50 % base. This is when you are the only writer and not co-writing. Anyway, the music publisher will have his 50% of the deal or agreement. I advice never to go lower than 50%, with a Max of 40 but only when it's absolutely necessary. If it's a million dollar contract, then try to find a music lawyer to read the small letters. A contract can be quit complicated, so legal advice isn't a luxury before signing a publishing deal.

If you a do it your self, then read the contract very carefully.

-Make sure that the contract state how much you will get ( in other words 50%)

- The length of the agreement ( 6 month to a 1 year)

- sometimes the writer gets part of the royalties in advance ( if the publisher thinks your music going to be hit material) An advance of the royalties by the publisher is always recoup. So, when your songs start to make money , you will not see anything of this until the amount of your advance is paid back to the music publisher.

- Also possible (very likely)is that the contract state that the song(s) you wrote is your original work ( that to prevent infringement of copyrights).

More about the music publisher..

The music Publisher

The music producer

This is the man who will take action after you have been signed by the previous ( A&R and Publisher) people. The producer's job is to create, shape and mold your songs in accordance with their vision for the album.

The music producer could be compared to let's say a film director. He too has to create,shape and mold the songs and music and make sure the album of the music artist will be as good as perfect. All must be perfect.

producing means often "doing a lot of jobs" .

As there are : *coaching and guiding the musicians, *organizing the mixing and mastering processes, *scheduling production budget, *controlling of all the recording sessions.. All the pieces of the puzzle must felt perfect together. It's his job to produce a perfect album. Nowadays many experience musicians and songwriter are also music producer and often produce their own music albums. Sometimes a music producer is a all in one person who does it all by himself. This thanks to the powerfully music software, that allow one person to composed, arranged and recorded at home on his computer.

The biggest advantage of this is that it's allows you to work with a relative low budget and never the less you can deliver an professional (or nearly )end product. What I want to say is this, you can also produce your own music album, but you only need to know how. Everything can be learned. To end I found an article that could be of interest to you. It's about publishing rights and Royalties..

The role of the music producer!

5) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about your own web site and online business.. Please... Check this out

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