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1) Welcome word..

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3)Article:10 tips to get the best out your music promotion!

If your on social networking sites as there are facebook, linkedin,or twitter,...You probably look for old-time friends from school( or other places )that you haven't seen for a while (and that could be for many long years). So, you meat each other, and talk about your lives, what you have done, and what you have become. Sometimes, thinking about all the dreams you had once. What have become of all those ideals? Did I do it right, or could I get more out of my life.

You talk about your job, or the things that you have become. But,If you have made other choices in life, you had become probably something else. So, if you decide to take your songwriting career seriously, you need to get your career on the right track..

So, here 10 tips to reach that goal..

10 tips to get the best from your promotion.

1* Write as many songs as you can. If you wish to get a record deal or a publishing deal, the you need to write at least two songs a week, and that's about hundred songs a year. Why? The more songs you write, the ore your can choose from your strongest songs. With strong material your chances increase to get the attention of the music industry people.

2* At no more then your three best songs to your promotion demo. Most of the A&R Exec state in their demo policy this three songs rule. It's a professional rule, and this means that if you comes with more songs on your promotion demo, chances are that the people who listen to your demo will take it for "Not professional enough". So,ad no more then three songs to your promotion CD.

3* After sending your package, wait at least 10 days before you make a phone call to the companies.It can take a week or so before a package get to its destination. If it got to go oversea, it can even take longer. Be patient ( I understand that this isn't easy)., give them a few days time to listen to your demo.

4* If you make a call, stay polite. Ask them the right questions, and even if the answers are not the one you expected,even then, always stay polite. The reason that I'm emphasize this is because If you're not acting polite, they will ad your name to the black list, and your demo package goes to the "Not listening" pile. Your demo goes to the trash-mill with out any listening.

5* Make sure that besides the normal demo press kits, you also have an "Electronic press kit". This could be a Myspage page, what is free, or it could be your own website, what looks more professional than a Myspace. More and more record labels, and music publishers asking for the URL of your EPK. It's easier then putting a package together, and the music business people don't have to crush the received Cd's anymore. It's an mission impossible to send every one it's CD back! So, an EPK is the best alternative for a press kit.

6* Make that your demo recording sounds as professional as you can afford. Don't send a bedroom recorded demo. The music pros will hear the difference between a recording studio recording and a bedroom recording. They listening to demos quit a lot, and so they can really hear a pro recording from an amateurish one. This could be hard if you don't have the money hire a studio or good quality recording gear.. Although, your recording can make the difference between a signed deal, and a rejection.

7* Talking about rejections. Don't let yourself discourage by rejections, and rejection letters. If you get a letter, then be happy. Many record labels or publishers don't even do the effort to send you one. They assume that you are as professional enough, to send you a letter back. So, next time you might get lucky..

8* If you don't have the time to do your promotion, then hire a promotion company. If they think that your songs are strong enough, they accept you as a client. This cost money, but you safe a lot of time. Time that you can spend in writing more songs.. One thing though.. Make sure that you go for a reliable company. They cost money, but they do the right job for the right price.

9* If you haven't the right vocal ability, then hire a professional demo recording service. Again, this cost you money, but you have a chance that your songs get noticed. You may have written strong material, but the vocals can make or break even a strong song..

10* Never give up on your songwriting... Take a break for a few years if there's no other solution, but the moment you have the time (money) to start again, then do it, and try do it right..

Why? I started this article with Facebook, and nostalgic about friend that you haven't seen for a long time. If you have done all in your power to get a break into music industry. You can make it or not, but at least you did every thing that you needed to do. If you later on look back on your life, you don't have to regret. You did every thing that was possible. You succeeded or not. Don't regret. If you didn't do the right thing, you will regret it. These ten tips can hep you to reach your goal. Now, or in the future..

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4)Looking for songs,lyrics, promotion for your band...

This is the "Looking for...." section. Here singers try to find the right songs that fits their style,genre....

Remember! Both parties (songwriter and lyric writer)have to make an signed agreement,and check the contract (agreement) carefully before signing. If you wish to know more about music contracts.. Brende from South Africa

: Looking for songs to sing like in the genre of Celine Dion, Beyonce, Evanescence, Jordan Sparks, Kelly Clarkson etc. Mostly Ballads E-mail Address: bkotzee@yahoo.com

Shalay from the United States E-mail Address: shalaycano@gmail.com

Is looking for songs...read all about Shalay on her Blog.. shalayc.blogspot.com

Tanner Walker from the United States write us: I'm in need of some good lyrics, something soft and friendly.

E-mail Address: walkertanner@ymail.com Web Site URL: www.beginnerguitarest.webs.com

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