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3) Article: Looking for songs? Then team up!

This month subject is in fact a reminder, important enough to go through this subject a second time. It's about Teaming-up between a singer or a band and the songwriter. If a songwriter find some one who he's thinking that will perform his songs perfectly, than that's great . The problem is.

How to find a singer or a band?

If you know some one who can sing, or if you know some one who knows a singer,then you can meat the in person. You can hear with your own ears how good the singing of that man or woman is, and so you can make up your mind if your songs would fit with the singer's voice.

Of course, the singer must accept your songs too. If that's the case,then you can arrange a deal. This way is probably the best way to get your songs to the public. Just a contact from one person to another. In case the singer ask money to sings your songs, it's no longer a teaming-up deal, but a demo recording deal. A demo recording service is a service company were your songs are recorded for a fee.

A demo recording service is not a bad choice, but it's a second choice. Just in case you don't find a singer or a band.

If a singer accepts to make a recording of one or more of your songs ,then this must be put on paper and signed by both parties. So no difficulties or misunderstandings can arise later on.

If you make an agreement between both parties yourself,then make sure you include the right information in the agreement. Such info can be: Begin and end date of the contract. An agreement can't go on forever.

Whatever deal you will make, singer to songwriter deal, or a publishing deal, record deal, that you'll read and/or sign in the future,always look for the start and end date of the contract will. Make sure that it is in line with the expectations of both parties.

If a band is looking for good strong songs in whatever style of music. Before you contact the singer,band, to see if they are interested in your songs, see if they have a site where you can listen to the music that they have made in the past. If you think that they are fits into your style of music, then you can make a first contact through email.

Both parties need one an other. A band or a singer is looking for good strong songs,music, and a songwriter is searching for a singer or a band to make a brilliant recording of his songs,music. It's a win-win situation that could benefit both parties.

Bottom line:

A songwriter have to make an investment in making an recording of his songs the best way,that he will sing by himself. Then try to bring his recordings to the man,woman, or band, and hopes they likes his stuff. When they are interested a deal has to be negotiated. If not, there's no deal, and no recording. When a deal is made between performers and songwriter. Then the performers will record the song, and in start to promote the songs to a record label.

If every things goes like it should be, the performing part will get a recording deal and can sell an album. The songwriter is the owner of the song and will own the copy, and performing rights. He will receive the royalties of the songs for as long as he lives.

Never sell your rights of the songs you make. Some have done this and have regret it later. You never knows what income a song will bring. It can go from nothing at all, to a few millions. If you go to collect the cash immediately,then there's the chance that you'll miss the millions that were in fact yours.

A good songwriter,but a bad performer, need a good performer. A good performer needs an excellent songwriter who writes songs with hit potential. They need one another to go up. If they find each other, it can come to a golden team. The music business needs such teams to survive.

As you probably know,this newsletter contains also a "Looking for songs" corner. Our web site "song-makes-musicbusiness.com is mainly visited by songwriters , but also by performers,singers,.. Some are writing their own material. Others, they who don't writing songs, are looking for music and songs that fits into their style.. It's an opportunity for both songwriter and singer,band,music artist..

Here I will end the talk for this month. Hope you learned something, and that you get one or more steps higher on the ladder of success.


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4)Into the spotlights...Graham Seers

Uk songwriter Graham Seers.

His style of music is:Pop Indie dance rock E-mail Address: graham@seers123.freeserve.co.uk

Web Site URL: grahamseers.website.orange.co.uk

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