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5- looking for songs

6-Article : Illegal musicdowloading! What can we do about it?

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1) Welcome friends...

Hi guy's..

First of all thank's for your support. Special thanks to the new subscribers..

It's back to work or back to shool time. For sure not and easy period but you'll survive.

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3) News: Oasis split.

Biggest news from the past month was the split from the super group "Oasis". It was hanging in the air... My condolences to the fans. Hopefully the brothers Gallagher Will continue writing music and stop fighting

Now, more ...

4) songwriter add

Raymond Byabazaire

songwriter, looking for artists, labels, film & TV people, etc, who would be interested in licensing any of my songs

more information on site: Raymond Byabazaire

5)Looking for songs?

Cherome White country:United States What kind of style of music, artist,band?: I'm looking for songs to sing. style - Christian Praise and Worship Artist styles that I like- Martha Munizzi, Vickie Yohe,CeCe Winans,Dorinda Clarke Cole,Israel Houghton.

E-mail Address: progressive11367@yahoo.com

If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you wish to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties

6) article: Illegal music downloading..

Hi to all of you.. This month article will discuss the impact of the financial crisis on the music business. How the crisis affect the CD sales and other stuff that you might want to know.

True, you won't here me laugh with this sad situation. Serious, a lot of people are feeling the impact of this crisis and it has an impact on the music business too. Perhaps you're thinking:" What's the use of all the hard work that I'm doing each and every day? Am I doing something useful or am I just chasing an illusion, am I?

Let me tell you this. A songwriter has to do what a songwriter has to do. A musician has to do what a musician has to do.. You can't stop with music because the business is going bad.. The music is in your heart and in your mind and it's got to come out, if you want it or not. It's there and it's staying there. Crisis or no crisis.

That the music industry is going through hard times is not new. No, in fact it started all with the introduction of the compact disk or better known as the CD. When the computers came on the market, then soon the (illegal) copying began also. After that, the Internet came and illegal downloading was born..

The music industry has declared war with the sites( like Napster once was)that was providing to download songs and music for free ( illegal). They lost enormous amounts of money with the illegal download business, and they started to try to do something to stop the music download ( into courtroom).

That's when napster had to stop with it. The Illegal download business is still continuing trough other sites, and some bands were giving away a download CD for free. I suppose that they where hoping that fans would buy tickets to bring a visit to their gigs, and I believe this could have worked for some..

Record labels have put a code on the CD and one that could not been broken. But nothing really worked for the wise guy's who where breaking every code. Nothing really was helping. For those who maybe forgot:"Downloading and copying music Cd's or DVDs is still illegal. But we have face the plain truth:" There's nothing that we can do about it. Nothing has becoming easier then downloading music for free to an Ipod or to your PC. If you're a songwriter, then I believe that you understand how serious the situation is at the moment.

If record labels ( music industry) loose money or better they see the decreasing CD sales, then the impact will come onto the bands, music artists and songwriters in the first place. It's a hard business, and the illegal downloading makes the competition even higher, fiercer. Believe me or not, but in the end it will be the death of the beginning ( unsigned) band or songwriter.

Is there anything we can do about it, can we?

We can start telling to our fans and the rest of the world that illegal downloading will have an influence on the band they love. Bands and other music artists have to emphasize that illegal downloading is wrong and will kill creativity. Because of the fierce competition,songwriters will loosing hope. They will quit business and maybe they'll continue making music in their bedroom or on the attic only for themselves.

Every one who's trying to make it in the music business has to spread the word. We all have to convince the young people and fans that downloading is in fact steeling and can mean be the end of the band and the songwriter. maybe not immediately but after a while..They will not survive the crisis and the illegal downloading.

Will going back to the vinyl disk being a solution? Indeed,the vinyl disk was the gold mine for every successful music artists . Of course , there was also the cassette recorders who could record the music, but the quality is not comparable with the todays CD quality. There are artist who are-only producing on vinyl, but this is quit an expensive project. Certainly when you're just a starting band or songwriter. It's a solution but an expensive one.

Best solution, from my point of view, is to convince fans ( to start with) not to download but to buy your CD. But of course, it's easier said then done. Anyway, you can always try to .

Social networking sites are the perfect place to start. I don't think that giving away your CD is a good option. After all, you have spend money and a lot of work and time in producing a perfect demo. It would be a petty to distribute your written babies for free, don't you think? Thanks for your time.. Keep well and keep on writing. You need to be Be patient..

Paul Webmaster: Song-makes-musicbusiness.com

5)Useful services

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