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SongMaker!X-press, Issue # 76 How to sell your music online!
November 08, 2016

Hi, Welcome to our latest issue of songmaker X-press..Special thanks to all the new subscribers.

This newsletter and our website it's main purpose is to provide advice, and information for you, songwriter, musician.. It's a project that you can call " A work or labor in progress" ,a labor of love......and it's a never ending story..

Because all things are changing after some time ..In the world and also on the world wide web.. new things are coming, and old things are going or changing on the Internet..

Table of contents!

1- Welcome

2-Short introduction of our website.

3-article: How to sell music online and start a music business!

4- The Looking for.....corner! Songwriters, musicians.... looking for something( promotion,songs, a band member....)

Thinking About starting your own website!

2)First of all a short introduction of ourself!

Of our website "".

Our site is about songwriting..and I'm a songwriter...with a lot of other news and information also.. Info about music business, music promotion, music recording... Why this website? A few years ago I decided to created this website to share all the knowledge that I 'I've gathered through the years.

I always say that I can't learn how to write a hit song, because if there was a recipe for hit songs, every one would writing hit songs, and hit-songs would become normal. Compare it as if everybody would know the winning numbers of the lottery..and hit the jackpot..

What I do is giving advice on how to promote, and record your songs as a professional would do. Also, I try to find resources that accept demo submissions, and that's probably the biggest work, and also very highly targeted by our site's visitors..

Our site "" in numbers.

Our website has almost 200 pages on line..home page included.

Most of our visitors, about 70 %,are from the United States, 15% from the UK, and the rest from Europe, Australia, Canada China and more than 100 other countries..

There are also the Back Issues. These are the newsletter in the past published. These issues stays online as long as our site will continue.. Every visitor that comes to our site can read these back issues of our newsletters.. To visit our site

Song Makes Music Business! As you know, writing songs,promotion, rehearsal, and much more, takes a lot of time..This is counting for every one who wish to make it as a success songwriter.. It's a struggle who some will achieve , and others don't..Don't give up too soon..Continue with writing, playing your instrument, in short, sharpening your skills..

You need to play your songwriting instrument,(guitar, piano...) that helps you with your songwriting everyday at least ones for 10 minutes or so..If you wish to achieve success, than you need to work for it.. There are musicians songwriters who write one song a day.. Not every song has hit potential, but the more songs you write, the more chance you will have to write the perfect song that makes you money and that could change your life..

It's your dream that you have to make come true.. Don't wait until things happen.. That's not really the way you going reach your goal..Different strategies of promoting your songs, in combination with a long list of your own written songs can make the difference..

Also, you need luck too, to meet the right guy, or people who are interested in your music..As an example I give you Charles Bradley , who achieve a break trough at the age of 63.. That's music business, some become successful very young and very quick, others have to wait 20 years.. The taste of success is even sweeter then..

4)Article: 3)How to sell your songs and music throug the Internet...

You could say.. I don't care about earning money.... But,think.. You have expenses too.., if you could sell your songs directly online.. There's no need for a record deal..or a publishing deal.... There was soundcloud and we have Tidal and Spotify..All these companies sell music from independent artists...Amazon is a online shop where you can buy anything you wish to buy or to sell. So,also your cd...

Other than Youtube, where you can ad videos, these services can show videos,photo's , and samples of your music... It could be a way to earn a bit of money.. So, you have to make sure that your song samples are of excellent quality...After all, these music samples must be a step and stone to the bigger work..:Selling your CD ..If you have a lot of CD sales would mean that you have a better chance for a signed deal...Or maybe you simply start your own record label.. Starting a label is not the easiest choice, but when you think it over , you realize that now all the money goes to yours truly...or to all the members of your band...

Online music stores.. New and old..

Here are the different services with a little explanation.. I don't have a favourite .. What choice you make is up to you...The majority of the artists prefer to join many of these services...Probably a wise decision .. The more you have exposer the better the chance to get your music a listening by many people...( combined by social media)..


This company is working the same way as a facebook , ormost of the other social media..The difference with these are that soundcloud it's focus is on musicians,and artists who wish to get exposer..All these musicians can listen to each others musicians can make comments, follow,and like the others artists music. There are three kinds of memberships..The free the professional, and something in between...


This company is well known and has by thousands of users , singer songwriters, and 500.000.000 users who use this service to buy listen to new artists...There is a free and a paying entry possible.. There's a free membership and a paid one...the paying membership cost about $ 9 on a monthly base... But,You can also start for free, and watch after some time how things are going...This company offers many different services, so it's worth to go and take a look what they are and what they offer directly on site...


Other services and companies

That you can use for selling your music...

Tidal is also an interesting partner to get your music exposer.. You can upload music, and videos..But the best way to find out all about this company is to visit the site and read the conditions of use.. This will explain what and how this company works...and maybe it's something for you...You'll see...

iTunes from the Apple more for the professional artists, or maybe for independent record labels who wish to sell their artists CD's..You need a tax identification number...Well, that means.. You are a pro..

CD Baby is also a website where you can promote and sell your songs.. This company works a little different...More about CDbaby you can also find on their website... cdbaby

So, here ...

Just a selection with online stores, services that can help an independent artist to earn some money...

So, the more companies you add your music too, the more exposer you'll get , and so the better your chances will be to make it as a professional songwriter or performing music artist...

Put these three company names on your list: Soundcloud,Spotify,and Tidal.. Of course There's also CD baby.. But as I see it, the previous are better for promotion purpose... and iTunes is a very professional way to sell your music..

Don't spend too much money.. You can start as a free member and see how things go... As you start selling music, don't ignore Youtube video promotion.. Youtube is probably the best for musicians and singer songwriters who wish to show new work..Put links to your online store page..and start making your own music

The "Looking for" corner

This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check that You are older then 14 years , otherwise please don't submit...

Also, make sure that add your exact website URL..Suppose I enter your name "John Smith" into the FB search box, I'll see a very long list with "John Smith" names.. So, exact web url of your website,FB,Twitter, or any other web presence..Thanks...

One last Note: Make sure that you make a contract/ signed agreement if you the singer,producer/songwriter want to team-up for a song, music deal...This to avoid problems in your future career...

For this November edition of our newsletter there are no "Looking for songs"..songwriters...You can always ask for some advertising for yourself or your band.. Just reply to this newsletter and give us a little info,(your bio) and we ad all this info in our next newsletter..

We gladly do this to help you and your business..That's the meaning and purpose of this newsletter and our "Song makes music business website..." So, don't hesitate to send us some info about your music and about yourself.. What you want that you think people would like to know about you....

You've come to...

The end of this November newsletter.

Dear ,..

Thanks again for sharing your time with us.

If you have Comments! Ideas! Feedback on the subject..

Feel free to let me know.. Push the "Reply" button .. Just a simply way to reply to this newsletter.

So, ,wish you all the best for your career.. Best regards, and until our next issue..

Paul F...

(c) 2016 all rights reserved.

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