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1) Welcome word..

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Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriter x-press. Thanks to all of you for the support, and special thanks to new subscribers who may not forget to download our two free e-books..

Hope you have enjoyed your vacation (if you had any). Now it's time to focus on the goal again. That's getting a contract signed. The best way is not the easiest one. It's a road about learning and a lot rehearsal. This takes time and effort, but if you have fun doing these things, then time goes by quickly.


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How to improve your singing?

This article is about singing. You've learned to play an instrument, piano, or guitar, but singing is a skill that you also have to learn. Some are more skilled tan others, but in general, everyone can learn it. Especially if you wish to make some demos, then you better let your songs shine by good strong vocals. So, singing is something that you have to develop, and improve. In this article, I'll give some advice, tips, with some techniques that singers use ( and every singer takes lessons to improve his /hers singing) that could improve your control, breath, volume, and tone. So, in time your singing will be better and better.

Like I said over and over: "live is learning", and knowledge is the key to success. With writing songs it's no difference..

Singing is one part of your songwriting. You record your songs on a demo and send them to the publisher,record labels.. And if your send your package to publisher or record label, then you better learn to sing it well to make a good impression to these music business pros.

Before you start to sing your songs for recording, try to be as relaxed as possible. Sit down, or just stand, but do it as it fits you the best.Be relaxed. Being nervous it's not hat good for your voice. You going to sound a bit different if you are nervous.

Tension is in most cases a bad indication. So, be relaxed, and take in a position that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Also important is your breath.

Your breath is important when you gonna sing. So, to sing not only you need to exercise your lungs,but also your torso, the back, and your abs should be trained to give your lungs more volume. When the air goes deep into the lungs, and fill them as much as possible. A good position of the shoulders and the back is also important to create more volume, and so less effort to breath deeper.

Breath through your mouth and your nose at the same time. This seems difficult, but also something that could help to improve your singing. So, try to breath through your mouth and nose at the same time. Why? If your breath alone through your nose then it's to slow, and breath through your mouth is too scratchy, and could make a strange noise in the Microphone. So,a breath through your mouth and nose at the same time makes less noise that goes to the mic.

Learn to breath at an equal pass, this must go through your vocal cords in a steady way.

Built to a steady release of your breath. This takes some time to learn, but again this can achieved with exercises. Breathing in and breathing out with the flow of your song.

For some people this is quit naturally, while for others it's something to learn and to overcome. Singing and breathing in the same rhythm, so that your song and your breathing is one.

This makes that you will sing more comfortable, what is important when recording or maybe later on perform on stage. For instants, the recording of your songs will take less time.

don't let your tongue get in the way. Let a wide, flat tongue be your default mode.Again, if you have problems with a wobbling tongue, then exercise is the magic word.

Standing up straight is the best position to sing. This is because your breathing goes better. Guitar players head and upper body often going down to the strings, and to watch the fingers play. But to have a perfect breath, your lungs need the volume.

So, standing up straight is the best position. Of course, if you feel more relax by sitting down,even so, try to keep your upper torso, and your head straight up. Keep your head straight, by putting the microphone higher.

High notes are the most difficult part to sing. Again, you can learn this with exercises to get the right tension on your vocal core, or you can play the song a bit lower. Tune your guitar a bit lower, and you probably gonna sing more comfortable.

After-all, it's your own song. If you feeling better with singing a bit lower, then you must not hesitate doing it. Tell it also to the other band members (if there are any).

Before singing your song(s) with words,lyrics,you better start to rehearsal with humming the song. Humming or an other sound. Take a sound that you prefer, and when the melody is in your head, then start to sing in lyrics. This can make you overcome the more difficult parts in the song better. Also, if you record the song, then this could be done with in a few trying. When you UN-prepared start to sing,you need more time.

Also,the voice is as any other muscles of the body. They need some warming up. This to avoid damage to the vocal core. Humming the songs first has the advantage to be a good warming-up exercise.
If anything hurts while you are singing, then this means that there is something wrong. You need to stop, find out what this pain comes from, and do something about it. Singing must feel comfortable. Even after an hour you should sing easy. If anything hurts, this means that you do something wrong. Time to do a check list of things that could improve, until it's going better.

Playing the guitar, or piano can bring also some tension. Especially with the guitar, where you need to press the strings with your fingers, this could have an influences on your singing.

Keep all the previous things in mind, and think by yourselves: "What others can, that can I do also". All these things can be improved by learning, and exercises. Again, if somethings not feel right, work on the problem until the problem is solved. Then continue.

Learn to sing could take time, and some effort, but is certainly worth trying.. Singing your own songs is the best thing to do. After all,you wrote the songs,and they come from your heart. If you sing the songs the way you've hear them in your head, and then sing them with your heart no one could do this a better job then you.

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Myself, I only started writing song lyrics about 3-4 years ago and have amassed almost 700 lyrics, so I guess I might qualify as prolific myself. From the moment my friend Terry Doyle added music to one of my lyrics I was hooked. Now I am seeking to write full time and maybe with a bit of luck and plenty of collaboration time with Bryan, "you just never know ya luck in a big city!" Lance W Toohey

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