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1- Welcome word

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3- Article:Tips and advice for beginner songwriters..

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1) Welcome word..

Hi, and Again, thanks for your support, and a special thank you to all new subscribers. It's the best time to write your best songs... Keep on writing..

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3)Article: How to get a deal with the major record labels?

getting a record deal or a publishing deal.

Or better : "How to get a deal with a "Major company?".

In general,sending your submissions to major record companies or major publishing companies makes no sense. Don't bother to send to these big record or publishing companies.

The reason why is because of the thousands and thousands of submissions that they receive from all over the world. The only way they go is "return to sender!.

Now, your package may look perfect, and your demo may be sounding master quality,but they even won't open your package because of the things I mentioned previous.. So, your demo don't get a listen.

So,it would be a pure waste of your money (specially when you have spend a few thousand dollars for a master recording )

Is there really no way to go to get a deal with a major record label, is there?. Don't worried,there is a way...But..

Let me first explain the difference between a publishing deal and a record deal. Before you get a record deal, you need to publish your song(s) first. Do you need to publish your songs first. That's just the way it goes, and it always has been gone. AS a pure songwriter, your first target is the music publisher. But if you are a performing songwriter,or playing with a band, then your target may be a record label too.

Some record labels are working together with a publisher, or having a publishing company.

But that's not the end of story. There's yet another way to get a record deal, publishing deal..with a major record company. And this is through an signed artist. So, if you can convince an artist that your song is going to be a smashing hit, then the prospectives to an major record deal ( if the person is some one famous)may be inconsiderably increase.

So, songwriters can try to come in-touch with a (well known, successfully)performing artist. When this person likes what he hears, and the A&R exec. are willing to give it a try, then you got a deal.

There's one problem,though. Getting in touch with famous artists is as difficult as getting inside the major record labels. Keep in mind that most of the

major record labels major record labels listen to other ,more established music business people. These may be Indie record labels too or the more established music publishers.

Many major record labels working with subsidiary indie record labels. So, sending your submissions to indie record labels ca get you a major record deal also. In music business, everything is possible, even the most un-expecting things could happen.

If you you just began to send your packages to record labels or publishers, then you need to prepare for a lot of rejections.

One thing you never should do is giving up. Even the most famous songwriters have deal with rejections, but the fact that they are famous is because they didn't give up.

Remember that music business is a very hard, and very competitive business.

Have fun with making music, that's the most important issue, then getting a record deal..

4)Into the spotlight

Harry Edgar is a songwriter living on the West Coast of Scotland. He played in local bands through the 70s, 80s and 90s, first lead guitar, then bass guitar and sang backing vocals.

He gigged all around Scotland and the north of England. To read more about this Scottish singer-songwriter:


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