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3-Article: Having a writer bloc!

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1) Welcome friends...

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3- This Month Article: Having a writer Bloc!

Hi everyone and welcome to our latest issue of SongMakerX-press.

In this issue I'll try to give you a better view of how to handle a so called "writer bloc".

Sooner or later every songwriter has to deal with it. You can say, "writing an average of two songs weekly" , that's easier said than done.

I understand the problems that you have to deal with when you write a lot of songs, and a writer bloc can be one of them. Simply because after a while you are through all the things that you have to write about. There comes a moment that the inspiration has come to an end. That the brain is totally empty, as hard as you do your best, nothing is happen.

Now, you can do two things.

- or you can just wait until it has passed on.

- or you can try to make break that feeling that your inspiration has vanished and maybe never will return.

If I was you , I'll try to make a break through.

Here a few tricks or tips that I just use myself if I have arrived in a "of non-inspiration at all" situation.

Here we go:

* Grab your instrument : Even if you're not in the mood , take the guitar, play some chords, or rehearsal some new chords, and record all the stuff that appears. Listen to it afterward.

* Watching films, movies.. , video or even a peace of a film and then try to create the right song or music for it, or for that peace of film in particularly, that you think that fits with the film.

* Watch a film on TV but this time with the sound off.

* Reading books can also be a good resource for a story line or an idea for a song.

* These are just a few things that I use myself to get some inspiration for improving my writing.

Write as many songs as you can. The more songs you write the more your chances will increase to be a successful songwriter. To write many songs you need a lot of inspiration. Now..a fact is that 99 % of all the songs are love songs. Directly or in directly.

So, love is an never ending source of inspiration. Remember this , next time you have a lac of inspiration. You can also make a list of ( beside love) things you wish to write about. ( as there are: peace,gospel, pets...)

And so..we come to the end of this article. It was quit short, but I hope that it will be useful for you, now or in future times.

Thanks .


4)Looking For Songs..

Ta-tiana Ang from City: Klang, Selangor Country: Malaysia

E-mail Address: samantha_ang83@yahoo.com

The style of music she's looking for:I like hip-pop, Jazz & R&B. My fav boy band is TVXQ.

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5) Some useful Resources!

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