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3-Article:Some Frequent asked questions that came to my ears...

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3) This month Article: Some Frequent asked questions!?

frequent Asked questions

Here are some interesting queries that came to my ears...

Q Is it difficult to become a signed ( song)writer for a label?

Yes it is. It is more difficult for a pure songwriter to get signed wit a publisher, than signing a record deal anyway. Because you need to publish your song first, the publisher, who is a professional, tries to find a deal for your song. To get on a payroll for a record label is even more difficult. Only if you have proof yourself as a successful songwriter who had already a few publishing deals, then you might have a chance. So,to be very sure to sign a publishing deal, then you the only thing you have to do is starting your own company. If you become want to become a publisher, one problem though. To become a publisher seems to be easy, but it's a hard business. Music business is tough to get in can take some time..A lot of time..

Q Is it better to write alone or writing in a team?

That's depending from songwriter to songwriter. Some love to work in team and others don't. (I don't think that I would do it)

Some ( mayor )record labels do working with teams. Sometimes 4 or more people putting their heads together to write that fantastic hit song. Some times it works and some times it don't. Working in a team means you have more chance to succeed, and to write a commercial hit song loved by A&R Executives. If a record label offers you a team work job, then you better accept. After all. What do you have to loose? If you don't like it, you just quit the job ( but read your contract carefully).

Q What's the best: Pure songwriter for others or singer-songwriter?

If you don't like performing on stage, well then it's easy. You just Stay a songwriter. If you would love to perform your own songs on stage but you think you don't have the vocal ability to do it.I only can advice to take vocal lessons. In fact, my advice is : If you wish to perform on stage, then take vocal lessons. Your voice will improve in time, and if you are still not satisfied about your vocals. Then..Don't perform. But still..ask other's what they think you should do.Everybody got a different voice. Some people have more talent to sing then others do. Some have the skill to write excellent songs. Others can play virtuously guitar or other instruments. Everybody got something she or he can do better. Doing everything perfect is an mission impossible . You can develop multiple skills,(like playing different instruments) but there will always that one thing that you can do the best.

4)Looking for Songs?

There have been some minor problems with a spam spitting (guy/girl.) So, I have to cancel the "Looking for songs" form for a while. So, no "looking for songs" this time...But instead I give the "looking for songs" from last month issue a an second chanse.

Quintin from Virginia Beach, US, is looking for R&B/Urban songs.

You can visit his Web Site : www.myspace.com/ytauraus

Contact E-mailE-mail Address: tauraus66@yahoo.com

Nicollette, also from New Port Richey, US is Looking for songs genre: Christian artist, pop/rock, pop Contact E-mail Address: forver_changed16@hotmail.com

Both parties ( songwriter-and singer/artist) have to consider of making contracts first, before using or sending any copyrighted songs or music.

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5) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! is some thing for creative people who are thinking about their own website or online Internet business..

Then.... Check this out

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