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1) Welcome word..

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Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriter x-press.

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Article: About fame and fortune into the music business..

In this month article I would like to talk about fame and fortune, and failure.. What does fame means and when do you think that you are failure..

Some songwriters think that they fail,because they don't get fame so they quit songwriting. If you really thinks that without fame and fortune, that you are just total failure, then, you need to stop ASAP. Why? Writing songs must be fun. So, if your songwriting makes you sad, and depressed, then I think you better stop and do something else. The reason that you want to quit songwriting can be very different.

As an example..

You got married and have a kid on the way. So, there's no time left or songwriting, or less time to write songs. Then, perhaps you could push your career of a songwriter aside, because your family is more important then a songwriting dream. Your songwriting must stay fun. If it hurts or has an influence on the people near you (your family), then my advice is to set your career aside, or turn it to a lower flame..

Having a family,kids, and then still want to become a professional songwriter is a risk, that put your family under pressure. It's an other story if one of the partners has a job, and can sustain the household entirely of it's income. Although, this can also brings in stress, and stress is s put pressure on a family. Sometimes too much pressure, so that the bomb explode..

Work, and work again..

Also, having a music career means long days work. It also means that a music business career will always have an influence on your family life ( that's if you have one). For a bachelor ( and many songwriters stay this way)things are different. They can do what they want. If you have achieved your dream and you have made a career as a songwriter, then you can start a family, if you wish to. There are enough examples of music artists who combine a music career with a family life..

A career in music is also very un predictable. Today you are on the top, tomorrow you are forgotten..You have to deal with that too. You need to be lucky get into the music business, and it's hard work to keep yourselves in the music business.

But, a songwriter has the advantage that he, if he has done well,can live for a while on the income of previous written songs or music and that income that goes for many years.So, a songwriter needs to have some saving on the bank in times that things goes well, and live on that money in times that business goes slower ( not so well.).

Hard decision..

Sometimes a songwriter, or a music artist needs to make a decision to continue in music as a professional, or find a secure job, and put his music career second. Although, there are songwriters who just have one hit song, and can live upon an income of royalties coming from the copyrights, for the rest of there life.

Of course,these examples are exceptions. But, still, there are a few one-hit wonders who's career continues on that one hit only.. Fact is that you probably need to calculate your income budget if you do it this way. You continue writing songs, and hope that a second time you'll hit the Jack pot, and fortune will come your way.. But also,with the stream of income that you receive, you can run a recording studio, or any other music related business. Always with the one thing in the back of your head.. Building some security in your life.

That's life, and music business is a hard business, but also the most exciting business that there is.. It can make you, but it can also break you..

Songwriting contest

That could be interesting for you..

The Sandra James Music Foundation announces the Sandra James Songwriting Contest 2012, now in its 4th year. This year the Grand Prize is a $2500 award. This contest provides an opportunity to promote the music and message of Sandra James by having entrants compose new songs that align with her ideals.


Songs should reflect Sandra's message and passions: positive changes involving children, music, peace and the protection of the environment.

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The webmaster

Singer/songwriter Noelle Bean..

Twenty years old Singer/songwriter Noelle Bean,is determined to make her music dream come true. Although she has a lot supporting fans on the net, Noelle is still unsigned..

Noelle : I'm from Nashville,Tennessee but Dallas, Texas is currently my home! A dream of mine come true. I don't write just to write and put a new song out. The lyrics you hear are from my life, and coming from the Heart..

Noelle has also webpresence on Youtube,facebook,twitter and makemefamousent.com.

You can visit one of Noelle's site:

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