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1- Welcome word

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3- Article:Decisions to make when starting songwriting: Part two - About "The promotion".

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1) Welcome word..

Hi, and Again, thanks for your support, and a special thank you to all new subscribers .

Summer is going, here's autumn coming..

And what a great season if you wish to write great songs. What else can you do when it's raining outside? Writing songs of course..

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Article: Decisions to make: Promoting your demo..

As you may have noticed, you already took a lot of decisions. Now your demo is completed, next step is the promotion of your demo.

How to promote your demo?

First of all, just as a reminder: -Never start sending out your demo package without copyrighting your music first.

- Also,your package most look splendid. Making a good first impression is important. Read all the info concerning your demo promotion package here.

In case all the previous conditions are finished, then you have to make up your mind if you wish to do the promotion yourself ( all the band members). Or you'll let it all over to a promotion company. This safes time, but cost money..

If you do the promotion yourself: Then you need to start some research concerning all the music publishers. Will you target the UK publishers, or US publishers. Will you target the record labels that are into music publishing also? Again as a reminder: Never send unsolicited to American companies. Ask for "permission to send" first. This can simply be done by e-mail.

Promotion takes a lot of time. You need to prepare your package (printed and all labeled)as it would be done by a professional company, or songwriter.

The advantage of a music promotion company.

There are a few pros (and also a few cons too)

- You can focus on your songwriting,and more time to write more songs. -They know the music business, and the people behind the business (or should know it )

The cons are:

They are not cheap, and it's sometimes hard to figuring out what they really been doing with the money you have paid them.

What I mean is this: If you do the promotion yourself, you know what you are doing. To who you are sending, and how many packages you have sent.

With a promotion company, you know exactly the price you have paid, but you're not very sure about the work they do or have been doing. On the other hand, there are promotion companies who are doing a brilliant job. These are the really professionals,and maybe you have heard about a few. Yes, in some case they are picking in doing promotion for the bands and songwriters they think will succeed.

Try to find a company that you can trust. Hear what others have to say about some companies. Again,social networking sites (Twitter,Facebook...) can be of great help here..

Another way to promote your music is trough radio... There are the locale stations,student radio stations, and the national radio...The first two are a "must to send", and the last one is "You might try to get your songs here" but the chances to get airplay are small in contradiction to the students radios and the local radio stations..

Also you can enter your songs into songwriting contests, and see what reactions you get to your music..

Every move you make is up to you to decide if you will go this way , or an other way. In case of the promotion. It's always better not to put your eggs in one basket.. You can try out different things, and see what happens..

The more publicity you make with your music, the better. But always do it as a pro would do. If you make a phone call to one of the companies that you have send your submissions to, always stay polite, even when on the other site of the line people are a little bit short or rough.

So wish you success in every decision you make in your songwriting career. If you want to know a bit more about "How to do your music promotion... Go to our "Music promotion" page

Visit our web site...Song Makes Musicbusiness.com

Band promotion opportunities

5) Useful services

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Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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