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3-News: Songwriter Bobby Hebb died at age 72.

4- Article:Decisions to make when starting songwriting: The recording.

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1) Welcome word..

Hi guy's! Again, thanks for your support, and a special thanks to all new subscribers also.

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August here we come!

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3) Newsflash: Bobby Hebb has died...

Singer-songwriter Bobby Hebb died aged 72 from lung cancer. He passed away August 3 at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville.

Hebb was a singer-songwriter best known for his composition of the classic song "Sunny," which he took to number two on the US pop charts in 1966.

Sunny" was recorded in New York City, after demos were made with the record producer Jerry Ross. When Hebb toured with The Beatles in 1966 his "Sunny" was as well received as any Beatles tune, as evidenced by tapes of the concerts.

It is also one of the most covered popular songs, with hundreds of versions released. The song was covered by Marvin gay,Frank Sinatra,Stevie Wonder,Cher..and many others..

The song "Sunny" was a mega hit song. Hebb had allso hits in 1966 with his song "A satisfied mind" and in 1967 with "Love me".

And I surely believe that Bobby Hebb was " A satisfied mind" and a satisfied man too.

Article: Decisions to make in a songwriting career

No matter what business you want to start, you gonna have to take decisions. Starting a songwriting career there's no exception. For instants,You need to choose an instrument. That's the first decision you have to make, if you not already did. Going further with your business, when you write your-first songs, then you maybe can take a new one. Will you work alone, or will you team-up with a lyric writer, tune writer?

If you continue alone, will you become a performing songwriter, or will you stay a pure songwriter, who writes lyrics and tunes? If you choose to be a performer, then are you sure your vocal ability is good enough to perform on stage? Or do you need a vocal coach , and some singing lessons to get you on track?

Of course, you push this issue to a future, not yet defined point in time, and continue with writing songs..

After some time comes your next decision, when you have written enough songs (15 - 20),you need to make a promotion demo. You need to decide which three songs will be strong enough to be included on your demo. Not an easy task, but it has to be done, and the strongest song must put first too. OK, you know which songs will be included, but that's not the end of story. They need to get ready, and they need to be broadcast ready, Music publishers don't like a rough recorded version. So, you need to decide how you gonna record these songs to the right level.

Making an outstanding recording.

Here you can go three ways. First road is to make a home recording. But then you need the right equipment. A room where it's quiet. A good quality studio microphone. This can cost you a few hundreds..

A compact digital recording console would be a good solution to start a home recording. It's not cheap, but less expensive then a mix-table, and special computer tools .. This is not a cheap decision, but at least you are recording at your own pace, and whenever you which..

Second road: A demo recording in a pro recording studio. If you can do the singing, and the instrument(s) yourself, then this is probably the best option to start with. These recording studios are having the right people , and the right equipment to make you a brilliant demo recording. Again, the level of the sound quality will depend how much you are willing to spend on your demo recording. Keep in mind that a good recording will cost all together about $1000 and up..

Third road that you can take to record a promo demo is the demo recording service. This service is the best choice if you think not to the best vocal to your disposal. Nothing to be a shamed of. There are lot's of songwriters.who make use of these services, and they are not that expensive. But again, it's all depending of what you wish. How many instruments you which to be included on your demo? How many singers?...You may count a $200 for a simple singer with one instrument.

My own experience

is that you don't have to spend too much money when starting as a songwriter. You have bought a guitar.. You have probably bought a PC or a laptop. When it comes to a recording, then try to keep the expenses down. If you decide to go for a home recording studio. Don't buy the most expensive stuff to start with.

If you choose for a demo recording service, and you can find quit a few on the net. Before doing business, do some research. Ask around on myspace, facebook,twitter, or other social networking sites if they know a demo service on the net that's honest, and reliable. I'm sure you'll get some response..

Next month we'll talk about the decisions that you can make to promote your demo..

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