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3-Article: Copyright infringment

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1) Welcome friends...

Hi and welcome to the latest issue of song-makes-musicbusiness.com newsletter. There are a few new things and the "Looking for songs" corner is back..

The new thing is that there are new starting record labels . and accepting submissions...As a subcriber to this newsletter you are the first to know about...

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3) Article: About copyright infringment

Hi guy's .

Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized use of material that is covered by copyright. Can it happen to you too? Yes it can..and it can happen in two directions. Some can steal music from you, and you can have influences from songs that you hear on the radio or TV. It's not the first ( just starting)songwriter that write a song who has a lot in common with an other "popular" song of a famous singer.

Is this a disaster,is it? In some way's, yes. Because you think that you finally have hit the jackpot, until others put you on the ground again..It already exist, your song...OK, We'll delete and restart. Nothing has happen. I have been searching on the Internet if there was any software that can check-out your songs, if they are original or not. Until now no results yet, but if you know something..Just let me know.

Subscribers will be very grateful to you, and myself included..

But now about..., unauthorized use of music. It isn't that common..But that's what I think anyway. Although, Many big stars ( Madonna,Michael Jackson...)have already ( or still are) dealing with this problem.

Can it really be that a world star is hearing a song (on the radio), then buys the CD,ask a producer/songwriter to re-write (re-tail) the song ( or do it selves), and then market this un-recognisable version and sell millions of copies .. Again.. nothing is inpossible. Hopefully it never happens to you (or me). Anyway, how to protect yourself against such an unpleasantness..

So, if you listen to the radio and think.. That song is so similar to a song that I wrote. Not completely the same , but there are big lines that are similar..

OK, What can I do about it? How can I defend my rights ( and my royalties)?

First of all..Before doing any other un-necassary steps ( because there isn't any problem)you need to start to do some research.

What research? Always keep some records.. Well, When have you copyrighted your song.You need the Exact date. Then try to find out when the song that you heard on the radio, the date when the song is copyrighted.

I always come to the point of copyright,because this is the only legal way to defend your rights. In court, they will do the same thing.. When is the exact date of the copyright of your song, and the other song that you think is an infringement of your copyright. You have to find out ,though.

Even then, when everything seems in your advantage, it can take years before the court does pronounce a judgment, and not always in your favor..

So, be careful before sending anything to publishing companies,record labels,....make sure before adding your music videos to you-tube..to protect your music first, and even then..there's no guarantee that your songs or music will be stolen ( and your copyrights). I have talked about this subject already many times, because I think that it is so important. Copy right your songs,lyrics..the right way..

If you-hear a song on the radio that you think seems too similar to your song..Then consider this.

The Egyptians have build the Pyramids. copyrights didn't exist in that time so..but were in good faith that it are the Egyptians who can claim the rights to the buildings..OK

Now..on the other side of the ocean, the Aztecs have build also pyramids, or they are look a like pyramids.. Now, I come to my point..People can sometimes doing the same things without knowing it from each-other. With music it's even more a possibility. After all, there are only seven notes..and many songs are having similar structures and similar chords.

So. If a song on the radio is quit similar to one of your songs..Do the research I told you, and if there isn't any problem, then be happy. It could have been your song. It shows that you got the talent. You really got the skill. I can only say this: Keep on writing...but be careful.

Protect your songs and music by copyright...

4) Looking for songs!

Note: Make sure that you make a contract/ signed agreement if you the singer,producer/songwriter want to team-up for a song, music deal....

Alessandro Viviani from Caracas,Venezuela, need songs for a new 18 years old singer called Valeria who is starting her first production. What kind of style: POP ROCK,

examples: Kelly Clarckson, Avryl Lavigne.

Contact E-mail Address: vivianiproducer@yahoo.com Web Site URL: www.myspace.com/alessandrovivianiproductormusical

5)record labels accepting demo submissions...

Before new labels adding to my web site, as a news letter subscribers, you have the first chance to visit them.

Gene Simmons, bassist of the well-known rock-band "Kiss" has started an independent record label

SimmonsRecords.com There is now a LETTERS section where Gene and Simmons Records team will be posting letters that come in from you, yes you, and replying to them. ... www.simmonsrecords.com/
Big Ape Records | Demo Policy

Big Ape Records Demo Submission Policy. Want to have your music heard by the staff at Big Ape? Well, before you rush off and send us those demo tracks: read demo policy

Alfa Matrix demo policy. Sending Your Demo To Alfa Matrix – Some Tips… MUSIC STYLE Although our repertoire appears to be very diversified, our label’s music ...


Level It Records Although our repertoire appears to be very diversified, our label’s music line remains focused on electronic & industrial based music.


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