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1) Welcome word..

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3) Article: Choosing your band name!

This article is about the important things that you have to watch out for when you choose a name for your band, or an artist name.

There are two things that can make or break your bands reputation. First of all: The level of musicianship of the band members, included the lead singer. Second: The name of your band

The first caveat you can avoid by taking the time for rehearsal your instrument, at home and playing together in a garage,basement....

If you start a band, you need to rehearsal as much as possible. Then after a while you probably feel the need to perform on stage and do some gigs. This is indeed a very important moment, for you and your band. But before you can start to show the world how good your band really is,your band need a name.

Also or when you wish to send your promotion CD to record labels or publishing companies,you need to choose a name first.

A band name, or an artist name it's not a lightly to take decision. Take your time, and call all the members of your band together so every one can make a suggestion of what everybody thinks to believe is a great band name.

As I mentioned before,: It can make or break your band. Also, every band member must stand behind the name.

How can you choose a name for your band? There are on the Internet some web sites that helps bands and music artist with finding a suitable name. But still,it's not an easy task to overcome. The difficulty exists that the name must please every member of the band.

Here's a suggestion of how you could work ( on how to find a suitable name).

Visit one or just a few web sites that helps bands and artists with finding the right name.

Sites as:


There you can get some ideas for a name...

It's probably the best place to start, and If you have a few ideas your self, bring them along (to the other band members).

Now, here's a suggestion that might work to find the right band name

When you come together: Every band member brings 4 or 5 names that he finds or thinks that are the best one, and shows them to the other band members. If you have a four piece band, then there are about twenty possible band names on the table.

Then, every band member has to pick from the 4 or 5 names that he,she has choose, his favorite band name. Everybody write this name down on a piece of paper and put it in a (shoe) box( without showing it to the others).

This was the first round. There are now four names in the box.

Second round.

First of all, every band member has to read and assess the 15 other band names,(the names that the other members have brought along). Then the every one has to choose the best name ,or what he thinks or finds the best sounding band name,from the other 12-15 names that the other band members have put in front, and write this name down. Then, everyone put all the names that he, or she has written on paper, and put it in a box. End of the second round

Now you can open the box and count the names .

If there's an joint for a name, let's say that there are two names with three votes. Then you need a third round, but this time with only these two names.( This saves some time)

In this case it could be an easy decision.

Of course,it could take a while, before there's any unanimous under the band members about the right band name.

And in some cases it can take a few evenings of conferences of what wants who..and who wants what.

Anyway, don't hurry. Take your time. Remember that every band member must be happy with the name, or cancel. Of-course you this unanimous decision of a perfect sounding band name can't be delay for ever. Also, make sure that these discussions doesn't make unhappy people.

A tip for choosing a name. It must be an original name. This means: not a name from an other existing band. Be careful. It's not the first time that bands have chosen ( without knowing) the same name. This could bring some problems along.. Again, the Internet can bring some solutions if you want to find out if a band name already is taken or not ( google your choosen name, and you'll see the result).

Also, preferable is a short and powerful name. This makes a good impression with the music industry people. It could be that when you band gets success, that your bands name then becomes a brand name. And a short and powerful name is always an advantage.

Here I will end my talk for this month. Hope you learned something. Wish you all the luck with your band and with the search for a name.


4)Looking for songs!

Michael from the United States is looking for songs..

What kind of style of music, artist,band?: I sing country music. mostly kenny chesney, tim mcgraw, tracy lawrence, deirks bentley, brad paisley, keith urban, alan jackson, george straight, jason aldean, chris young, justin moore, and toby keith.

E-mail Address: envycamaro@gmail.com

Monica, from Lebanon,the United States Is looking for songs Style:..Any. I'm mostly like stuff such as Paramore,or anything similar.

E-mail Address: miller_monica_meray@yahoo.com

If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you decide to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties..

5)Into the spotlights...Graham Seers

Uk songwriter Graham Seers.

His style of music is:Pop Indie dance rock E-mail Address: graham@seers123.freeserve.co.uk

Web Site URL: grahamseers.website.orange.co.uk

6)Useful services

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