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4-Dolly Parton : Interesting resource to an article about the famous country singer-songwriter.

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This month is the darkest month of the year..but with your songwriting you'll make it a bit lighter. And with Christmas standing on the front door ( or is it Santa, or Father Christmas...) Time for Christmas presents and surprises to find under the Christmas tree..

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3) Article: Basic song elements!

When it comes to writing song lyrics,there are no fixed rules that you can follow. But what you can do is copy what others successfully have done before you . To say that this is the only right way to follow, I suppose that's a little bit exaggerated. I should say: take it only a guideline that can help you to write your songs. You are and stay master of your songs, and you write your songs exactly the way that you want. So, there are some basic elements that you can follow to write your songs.

The five most common basics are : the intro, The hook, the bridge, the verses, the refrain or chorus.

What a song could need is :

The intro: Many songs are having an intro to start with. This is in most cases an instrumental part. What I do mean with an intro? An intro is a short part before your song is actually starting.Just listen to a few hit songs, then you know exactly what I mean. When the intro begins, the fans now recognize immediately the song that will follows. It serves also as a hook, a good hook make that the listener to stay to listen to the song.

Verses: A good song needs no more then two or tree verses enough. For merely of the songs it need to be poetry. Also,You must tell as much as possible with as few words as possible, you have to bring the message and the story line in as fewest words as possible. But, because it need to rhymes, that's not an easy mission. The listener has still to understand what the song is about. But as always , there are exceptions. There are some hit songs that you would think of totally chaos,and no poetry or rhyming parts, no story line, no verses, and no chorus. And still they are hit songs. Sometimes this can be a bit frustrating for the lyricist who really try to do his/her best to write strong material.

Chorus: Is the most recognizable part of the song, and a good chorus makes people sing a long. It sticks into the mind. Most choruses make that a song is gonna be a hit or not. People like to sing.People will easy to remember strong choruses with simple words. Repeatable..Catchy. Chorus can serves as a hook, and they could contain the title of the song. Easy when you visit the local music store: You remember the chorus and at the same time the title.Spares the fan a lot of time in their search for the right song. Also for a search on the Internet it can save time.

A hook: Or as some songwriters and artists may say a "catchy" hook. This means literally that songs with a hook into the ears of the listeners. A good song with a good catchy hook : It grabs the listener ( could be A&R or music publisher) by the first notes and keeps the attention of the listener. The listener wish to listen through the whole song.It could be a piece of text but it could be also melodically an ear catcher. It could also be the title of the song.

The Bridge: Is an optional section which most often comes between two choruses. This to make the song more interesting, let's say less boring for the listener. It's a break from the rest of the song, and should lead to the chorus again. The bridge is there also to build the tension leading up to the climax of the song or to lead a song to its final conclusion. There are some songwriter who almost every-time building in a bridge into their songs, while others rarely if never do.

It's simple and up to you. If you feel that you have about a song. If you think your song needs a bridge, then build in a bridge, otherwise you don't.

Just a reminder next time you write a song...Think about the basic elements..


4) Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton

Who doesn't know Dolly Parton (born January 19, 1946)? The American country music singer/songwriter, author, actress and philanthropist. Here an article (on blogspot) with the female singer/songwriter. She talks about her songwriting.

I thought this could be interesting stuff to read.

Dolly Parton About songwriting. article..

5) songcontests!

Some songwriting contests open for entry...

USA Songwriting Competition USA Songwriting Competition - An International Songwriting Competition, Promoting the Art and Excellence of Songwriting.

USA Songwriting Competition
Songwriting Contest for Songwriters Songwriting contest Lyric Contest. Win $100000 cash and prizes Grammy Award Winning Judges, Promoting lyric writing and songwriters. Now accepting songs & lyrics into December's round


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