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1- Welcome word

2-For all our subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-booklets , worth $50.

3-Article: Back to business and "Looking for songs" also

4 Songcontests

5)Useful services

1) Welcome friends...

Hi and welcome to the latest issue of song-makes-musicbusiness.com newsletter.

Again, thanks to be with us again and....

Enjoy this month issue..

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3) News: We are back with song-makes-musicbusiness.com

Hi guy's ..Here we are again, perhaps to your surprise!

After a deep thought, it's better to keep the site www.song-makes-musicbusiness.com just the way it is. Let's say,: We'll keep the name and keep the site intact. So, no re-starting from zero, nothing.

That would be a bridge to far for me..Too much work has been done, and re-doing all that work! That would surely would drive me nuts. Especially, seeing all the traffic shrinking to bits and drips.. (I couldn't bear that also).

So, we'll continue with the site just the the way it was.. and by the way: It wasn't all that bad. Re-starting! It was an idea and it will stay like that..or maybe not?

I have some plans in my head to make a second site, with the name that I had in mind ( when re-doing), but a web site with an other purpose.

I would like to make a kind of review site..Reviewing all kind of companies providing or better selling a service. I suppose that this will mostly be in the promotion area but also reviews,compilation offers,demo online.. maybe other things will get a review too, we'll see when we are there.

So, let me tell you that I'm glad that you have stick to this newsletter.. We gonna continue to do so as much as we can..

What will be new for 2009 i

With our newsletter..

Well, we gonna put more spotlights on contests. Not only songwriting contests, but also band contests..singer contests..

A page with vocal coach will also new on song-makes-musicbusiness.

The singer-band page is back, and so the "Looking for songs" section.

Note: A while ago,I have deleted this service because some spammer(s) were enjoying (them)himself with submitting the "Looking for songs" form about hundred times..or so. Well, this you can see as the back of the internet medal.

Spam come from sick people who have nothing else to do, I suppose.

That's what I try to emphasize, by telling everyone to play the game on the Internet honest. There's enough rubbish and trash on the internet, and I suppose this always will be, because of the anonymous character of the Internet ( you can't see the guy's on the net) Although you sometimes have some nasty surprises,not all on the net is worse, spam or unreliable.

..So, if you have encountered an truly Music business, Music company or music service on the Internet,that have help you with promotion... then spread the news, and let "us and others" know..Support the good..

5) Some songwriting contests open for entry...

Canadian Radio Star -

National Songwriting Competition - Canadian Music Week present 16th Annual National Songwriting Competition ... Radiostar.ca

Songwriting contests and lyric writing competitions for independent artists along with tips for indie promotion and opportunities to listen to and rate ... Wearelistening.com
SongDoor International Songwriting Contest An annual songwriting competition open to amateurs and professionals worldwide. All entrants receive a free songwriting course and a professional ...



Application form and rules at: www.sandrajames.com

useful services

If you're thinking about a web site, then build yourself a solid online business.. sitesell.com

A word about promotion

Promote your demo CD..Everything you have to know..

We've come to...

the end of this month Issue. I should say: Up to our next one.

Thank you <> for sharing your time with us. I really appreciate it..

If you have Comments! Ideas! Feedback about the subject!

Let me have it..simply reply to this newsletter.

Until our Next Issue...and again..Thanks for the support..


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