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1) Welcome word..

Hi guy's..

First of all thank's for your support. Special thanks to the new subscribers..

This month article is about the Major record labels. Are they worth trying to send your submissions to, are they?

Special note: Second attempt to put a free add for our songwriting friend Raymond Byabazaire. Have spelled his name wrong in a previous issue, so I think it is fair to put him a second time in this month issue of songmaker-x-press.. Just to make it up to you Raymond.

I should say...Feel free to visit his web page...

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3) Into the spotlight!

Raymond Byabazaire : songwriter looking for artists, labels, film & TV people, etc, who would be interested in licensing any of his songs

Just take a look at his web site: Raymond Byabazaire

4)Looking for songs?

First Name: clifton williams E-mail Address: afflction2700@yahoo.com Web Site URL: no

City: baytown tx Country: United States Clifton is looking for Gospel songs.

If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you wish to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties..

5) article:A word about the major record labels..

Things to consider if you decide to send your demo to the mayor record labels..

A Major record label is a record label that already is a big player in the music business. For many years and during all those years this label has building a reputation and an impressive artist rooster. In fact,there are only four record labels that can say that they're the head players in the music industry.

Universal,EMI,Sony and the Warner music group.

Until 1998 there were 6 mayor labels. The four record labels of today, with also Polygram and BMG music.

In 1998 polygram has been fusion to Universal, and in 2004 BMG was bought by Sony. So, there where left only four big players in the recording industry.

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest in the music industry. It is the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations. s a wholly owned subsidiary of international French media conglomerate Vivendi.

Vivendi's headquarters are in Paris, France. The UMG global headquarters are located New York City, but they have also offices in Nashville, Tennessee,and Santa Monica,Ca

Universal Music Group owns a music publisher, Universal Music Publishing Group, which became the world's largest following the acquisition of BMG Music Publishing in May 2007.

Sony Music Entertainment (or Sony Music) is the second-largest global recorded music company

Sony was a Japanese business company producing electrical devices, and also one of the first developers of the compact disc (CD). In 1968, CBS and Sony formed CBS/Sony Records. It was a Japanese business joint venture A compact disc production plant was constructed in Japan under the joint venture, allowing CBS to begin supplying some of the first compact disc releases starting in 1983.

Warner Music Group (WMG) is the third-largest business group in the Mayor recording industry. The company was formed in 2004 after a split-up with Time Warner ( well known from as film production company). Warner Music Group also has a music publishing arm- Warner/Chappell Music.

Warner/Chappell Music (dates from 1811) started as a sheet music and instrument merchant in London. In 1929 the president of Warner Bros (The film company everybody knows), Jack Warner founded a Music publishers holding company (MPHC) to acquire music copyrights and so providing music for his film company. So, the music arm of the Warner group was getting bigger and bigger, until today, it's still the Mayor player in the music industry.

The EMI Group(Electric& Musical Industries Ltd) is UK based music company, and the smallest one of the four mayor labels. EMI has also a music publishing division based in New York . The wholly company EMI is bought by Terra Firma Capital Partners, because of the dramatic decline in sales ( what is a result of the illegal downloading and music copying ).

The rest are indie ( independent) labels. Some of them having also an impressive rooster to choose from, and having already quit a reputation. But the way to the top is hard and blocked..

But as the wise men use to say:" If you can't beat them,joy them!".

Many indie labels are collaborating with the mayor labels, and sometimes there is some interesting inter action happen between the indie and major. For instants, when bands suddenly are having success. If this success has been noticed by one the a&r of a major label, and then there will be some talking and negotiating between mayor and indie.

10 things that you should consider before...

sending your promotion package to a Major record company..

- A major label never accepts unsolicited. In some states of the United states, it's even forbidden to send an unsolicited to a label. Mayor labels are already having a huge artist rooster, and it must be extremely strong material that being showed to them before they are offering a deal. - Major record labels have been hit the hardest by the illegal copy and financial crisis.

- Also with the arrival of the Internet and it's relatively easy setting up of a record label by an music artist.

-Mayor recording Contracts still contain six numbers.

-Only offering a contract to the best of the best.

-Many big artists are leaving or end-up their contract to set-up their own record company.

-It's hard to find a name to send your submissions to. They contact you, if they think you will make them money.

- Money is the biggest factor in a Mayor record label.

- They have Thousands of staff that need to be paid.

- If you are convinced that your music is strong enough to meet the standards of the mayor record labels, and this is for you priority number one, then at least try to find a name ( from A&R Exec staff )inside the company. Of course, this is easier said than done, because like I said before. They rather wanna to find you than other way round.

But, if you belong to the lucky few who can achieve of being offered a contract to a major record label, then before signing, you better let it examine by a pro. Before doing any thing you will regret later, an entertainment lawyer can be used to look over any contract before it is signed, certainly when it's going about contracts with six numbers.

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6)Useful services

If you're thinking about starting your own web site! Than,why not building yourself a solid online business.. Read this info how to... Step by step..

A word about promotion

Promote your demo CD..Everything you have to know..

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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