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3) Article: About tax and songwriting

Tax is, sooner or later something we all have to deal with, and nobody's very found of paying taxes, that's for sure.

Many songwriters,artists-and other people too,think of it as a kind of wast of their hard earned money. Anyway, you can do what you want, but you can't escape the tax-man and escape from the tax-letters that keep-on arriving into your mail-box, is a mission impossible. Or though,perhaps not..

Of course,ignoring can have serious consequences. Before you know , the officer prosecute is standing in front of your door with an paper to assess all your stuff that you bought with your hard earned money.

In most countries ( a few exceptions) if you make money, then you need the pay tax on the money you have earned.

Also, songwriting and taxes is depending of the country you live in.

It can take a while before you have to pay taxes. As long as you have no income from your music, songwriting, you don't have to pay anything. Quit normal, I should say.

But, if you are doing some gigs, or sell some of your Cd's, then the ball starts to run.

First advice. Keep carefully records of receipts of any paid out in connection with your songwriting. Maybe , the tax-man will not accept all of your expenses.

But if she or he accepts 80 %, than smile and be a happy guy.

What expenses could you have? The cost of your musical instrument, your computer. Cost of promotions you have done. A home recording studio you have build or the cost of the web site hosting...Cd's, stamps and envelopes to promote your CD..

Others may also include, like your car, the rent of your house / apartment. Restaurant bills. Just anything you might think on.

So,it's important to keep all the receipts through the Years. It's possible that you don't have to pay any tax( after signing a deal) that first year,because of all the expenses you had over the past years.

But if you wish to avoid the tax-man, than you have to reside abroad.

Tax havens are The cayman Islands, the Bahama's or Ivory coast, Monaco or San Marino, Andorra... Minus point:You have to be a millionaire to move over to these city states.

If you like apes, than Gibraltar is the right place to be . Although very rocky,

In Europe,

one of the best country's to live and work in as a songwriter, is the Republic of Ireland.

Songwriters are excluded from paying taxes in the Irish republic. Great news..Lets all move to Ireland!

If you ask me, I wished that this was all over Europe the normal procedure. Unfortunately, it's not. Some of the Islands like the Islands around the UK, jersey, and the Isle of Man, are having a 20 %, and Isle of Man 21% rate for songwriters.

That's not bad. The down side: you also have to be a millionaire to reside in these small countries. Sorry guy's.

Perhaps Andorra (also small) is also a very good place for you. Cut of from the world. Yep, some times you have to make some sacrifices! Isn't it so?

The United States

For the US citizens If an American citizen reside in one of these tax havens, he still be liable for American taxes in law.

Meanwhile, keep records of the expenses you make related to your songwriting career.

If you start to earn money..Then you should Look for an trustworthy accountant, and keep on writing songs. In fact Continue your business as usual. Remember. If you wish to avoid taxes, then move to Ireland.. Thanks for your time...

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4)Into the spotlights...

Kimberly Creech-Mitchell, is an United States songwriter.

She writes:I write country songs for a band called "Illegal Limits". I will also write for you. We have already prepared one demo song and have more waiting. Let me know if you can use my services or would like to promote my song or the band.

E-mail Address: creechjoan@yahoo.com To read more about this songwriter and to listen to her music : www.mycountryspace.com

5) Useful services

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