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3- Article 1: The (Euro) song contests

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1) Welcome friends...

Hi guy's..Thanks for being with us.. We let you wait a bit longer then normally should , but there were some technical problems with my Internet connection,and it took a while before the problem was fixed.

That's why I've been so late to deliver the newsletter. Now that the problems are solved, let's move on.. This month articles (2) is about the recording of your demo part two and the Euro song contests. What things do you have to consider when making your (first) demo that you going pitch out to the music business companies.

If you are already recording and producing your own demo's... Let's say that this article will be more something for starting songwriters, bands, and music artists who are doing their first steps in recording . This doesn't mean that more established recording people can read this article and give any comments, opinion, about this subject.

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3) Article: The song contest!

What happened in the mean on music business front. The Eurovision song festival has passed. Greece has won the big price, no prices for the UK who came with a song written by the world famous music composer "Andrew Loyd Webber". This shows that the European music scene has changed.

This not only with the expansion of Europe itself, but also with the input of the Internet and the mobile phones for instants. The voting system for the song contest entries is still going with sending messages for your favorite singer or band. The songwriters have been moved to the background, what I think is a petty. Also, there is an qualification round... But what are the cons and the pros of the biggest European song contest of the year.

The cons: For songwriters to be honest,there isn't much publicity here. The winners of the song contest aren't sure anymore of getting to the top, this in contradiction to what has happen to song contest winners of the past. They almost had the guarantee of being at the top for at least a few years. Nowadays, everything is moving quick and fast. Today you'll the winner of the Eurovision contest, and tomorrow no one knows you anymore. OK, that's life folks.

Other contests as World Idol,Star academy,X-Factor,....just to name a few, have been taken over the leading role in the search for new music talents.All these contests have been created partly with the purpose of finding new talent, and as entertainment for the spectators. As I see it , this is the first priority of the program developers: Entertainment. Everyone has the chance to proof himself.

To show how good they are in singing and (or ) dancing.. Many of the people who are battling for the highest price are songwriters too, but there songwriting won't be shown in the program. All these people get the attention of the media,the music business, and the watching spectators. So, that's a really good thing for people who want to get exposer , and want to get noticed by the music industry. This is a pro.

The cons are that people can get really disappointed. If you are good at songwriting then this is not something for you. Music business can be hard, and disillusions are seems to playing behind every corner.

Article 2: The recording studio and demo recording service!

In our last issue of the songmaker x-press, we explained about home recording. This article will handle the other part of the demo recording. The demo recording service or the recording studio . We are still going to make a demo recording of our best tree songs that we have on our list of written songs. If we wanna to have a professional recorded promotion demo, and one that stand out from the average recording.. Then we better take matters seriously and go to a pro-recording studio.

That could be one around the corner, could be in the famous Abby Road studios (cost around £ 500 for one hour plus the musicians). The first demo recording that a songwriter makes is mostly recorded in a recording studio in his neighborhood, or with a friend who has a home studio.

For bands: Then you only pay for the time spend in the studio. The price is depending from studio to studio, and it's up to you guy's to find out what's the best option for your band.The best option is not always the cheapest one , either isn't the most expensive studio. To find out if a recording studio is in the reach of your budget, then the Internet is the right place to go to.

A few clicks in Google or any other search engine and you get the right results. See what you can spend for your promo demo and try to find the best quality studio for the right price. Compare one studio with one an other and see what they are asking for one hour recording time.

Most of the studios are having quit some accommodations, so you can certainly find one nearby or in you region that meets your needs or the needs of your band..

For pure songwriters: If you are ready to record your promotion demo for the first time, then this you have to know. You can make use of a recording studio in your region, or you can use a demo recording service on the Internet. But, in fact you can always find a recording studio on the Internet. That's probably the best place to start your search for a decent studio. Most of the recording studios are working with musicians and singers.

So, if you don't wish to sing the songs yourself, then you need to hiring a professional singer who can do the job for you. Note that if you choose for a recording studio nearby your place, you can follow the recording process and give some suggestions to the recording engineer, or the record producer, the musicians, or the singer. That's the advantage of having a recording studio nearby.

How much will a recording cost you?

Everything's depending of your budget of course. How much do you wish to spend?

If you choose for a demo recording service on the Internet,this is probably the cheapest solution. Some demo services are starting from $150 to $200 for a singer with guitar or piano. A 5 piece band will cost you something from $1500 to $2500 par song. If you are interested in a demo recording service , then you better do some research before jumping on the bike and ride. About the demo recording services..

4) Looking for songs

john gonzales is looking for songs in the country style. E-mail Address: veronica_uribe@attn.net

Web Site URL: No

City: rio hondo Country: United States

Both parties have to consider of making contracts first, before using or sending any copyrighted songs or music.

5)Useful services

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