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1) Welcome friends...

Hi and welcome to our latest songmaker express issue!. Glad to have you with us guys.. This month article is about the recording of your demo. What things do you have to consider when making your (first) demo that you going pitch out to the music business companies.

If you are already recording and producing your own demo's... Let's say that this article will be more something for starting songwriters, bands, and music artists who are doing their first steps in recording . This doesn't mean that more established recording people can read this article and give any comments, opinion, about this subject.

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3) Article: Recording your promotion demo!

First of all,the demo is the most important part of your promotion package. Add only three or a maximum of four songs to your demo. Why only 3 or 4? Because record labels or publisher see it as un-professional as they get a CD with more than 4 songs. So, the decision of wish songs you are going to include is up to you. What you think that are your best songs . If you can absolutely not make up your mind about your songs. You need the help of an assessment service, or people who are close to the music business and let them make a review of your songs. But, these services are not for free, they will charge you for the service they provide. Sure, it's far from an easy task, because for you (and for every other songwriter ) songs are their baby's and have most of the songs have an equal value.

Take your time and then make an decision. Add your very best song ( or think that is your very best song )first, then your second best and then your third song. With the best I mean the most commercial sounding song . Remember, Money comes first in the music business. I know what your are saying now "buzz not always means quality" . That's true, but what can we do about it? It's just the way it is...

Simply send your submissions to the A&R and publishers, and you know if they respond or not, that's the first and cheapest way to get feedback on your songs. If they like your songs they will get back to you..Otherwise you have to continue your search.

OK, some (on-line) services are giving advice on a professional base, and are doing an assessment of your songs. But Of course as always,this will cost you money and without any guarantee for success. At the end of the story the A&R executives are having the last word. Your songs will do or not, and that's the hard fact.

Also, the first assessment will come from friends, relatives , and other people who can evaluate your songs. Notice what they say. Even write it down in a booklet if you wish, then take the best five or six songs and let these songs be assessed by a pro or one of the many online services that evaluate your songs for a fee

Make sure , when you have your songs evaluated by a service, that they sent you back a written letter of that evaluation . This letter you can be include ( the copy)in your promotion package. This can have a positive influence on the people behind the desk and stimulate them to listen to your songs more carefully or just listen to your CD without putting it aside. If you want to put more than three songs on your demo. You must have a good reason to do this. One of the reasons can be that you want to show the A&R guy's that you can handle more style's of music. Let's say that four songs are the maximum to put on a demo.

Now , when we talk about the digital music recording of your demo, there are three ways that you can follow.

As you maybe already know, there are three way's that you can follow for recording your promotion demo.

One : You can record your promotion demo at your own place,for a rough demo recording or if you have build your own insulated studio , a more "ready steady go" version.

Secondly: The professional recording studio.

Thirdly: The (on-line) demo recording service.

Let's start with the home recording.

The home recording..

If you can playing the guitar or piano excellent,and you can sing too, then this might be is the best solution for you to start recording.

Some things that you have to keep in mind when you want to record at your home.

You need a well insulated room . If you going to build a recording studio, then that's even better, but this can be an expensive matter. A good insulated room will do to start with.

A demo doesn't need to be perfect, a rough recording made in your well insulated room will do. Although a rough recording is very normal, a broadcast ready recording ( let's say a more spent recording) will have more impact onto the listeners ( A&R or publishers...) If the A&R lays a rough recording next to a more ready song, then the "more ready" will stand out-and catch the listeners ears. But If they do their best to hear a strong song melody behind a rough recorded demo, then you better of with a rough recording. Of course, this isn't always the case. So.. I'm telling it just the way it is.

In the beginning, the meaning is to keep the expenses down though. The best thing is to Start small and grow while your music career is growing.

Equipment that you certainly need: A computer-or laptop with included a quality sound card, and matching recording software. Something like : Creative Soundblaster, Echo,..

If you purchase these tools, then you can directly record your music at your computer. Sound cards are wonderful to work with.( in fact, most of the recording studios that are using them for recording.

With these tools you can make a brilliant recording..But.. First You have to do some learning to work with these equipment . Once you have it all in your fingertips the skills, it will be worthwhile. Let the recording begin..You have no idea how comprehensive these recording tools are, and comparing to real recording equipment from the past, they are not that expensive anymore. Although, the better you want, the more it will cost you.. What you also need is..

A quality studio microphone. Again, if you go here for the best quality, then this can be an expensive matter too. But, If you wish to record your songs then you need a microphone..do you. Some brands of studio microphones are: Nady TRM-4 and Nady TRM-6, also Audio technica has quality microphone for studo recording purpose.

Or ,You can purchase an all in one compact digital recording device. Brands are Boss,Korg,fostex...

What are "compact recording studios"

Small all in one recording devices that yo can conect to a PC and sometimes to eachother too. The best of the boss catalog can record up to 64 channels at one, if you find someone who has also the same compact digital studio, they can be connected to one an other..A perfect recording studio..But..quit expensive.,and like I said. If you just began, then try to keep the expences down..

Read more here..

Next time I'll give you an idea about demo recording services

If you're interrested to entry a songwriting contest, then following will be for you..

4) songwriting contests

Great Lakes Songwriting Competition 2009 Sponsored by: Elderly.com · Indie-Music.com · Broadjam.com ... www.greatlakessongs.com/
Traditional Countrymusic Contest.

Contest is open to anyone who considers themselves to be amateur or professional songwriters.


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The 29th Australian National Songwriting Contest 2009. The Australian Songwriters Association is a national non-profit membership based organization ...

Billboard World Songwriting Contest has big changes underway. With those changes come huge opportunities to advance your career in songwriting. ...


The International Songwriting Competition is now accepting applications for the 2009 Song Contest. Open to all songwriters!

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels and promote excellence in the art of songwriting. Amateur and professional songwriters and musicians are invited to participate.


Useful services

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A word about promotion

Promote your demo CD..Everything you have to know..

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