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3) This month Article: what will you earn as a songwriter.?

As a songwriter, you earn money by licensing your songs for various uses, and collecting the corresponding license royalties. While some songwriters starting their own publishing company and so handle their own music publishing, most of the songwriters work with a music publishing company to market and promote their music and songs. A music publisher tries to cut the songwriters songs and negotiate a deal with a record company. That's his main job. So, they promotes and market your songs the right way, but..only if they are good.

When you sign a publishing deal with a lazy music publisher your in trouble. He/she can as-well put your contract or your demo demo in a chest of drawers and forgotten about , while you are sleeping on both ears and think that all gets well. After-all, you have signed a publishing deal..No big deal for them, disaster for you. Don't laugh, cause these things really can happen. But..you can avoid such a situation by reading the contract carefully before signing. A good contract states the exact date when a contract expires. Otherwise you're stick with a deal for life, and maybe nothing happens. OK, let's move further to the licenses..

In return for its services, the music publishing company ( music publisher) generally receives 50% of all songwriting royalties.

The other 50% will be paid to the songwriter, the lyric writer. When a producer has involved, he will get his 15 % too. As you notice... Everyone gets his/her rightfully part.

The several licenses where songwriters can get royalty revenue from are: ,Synchronization Licenses, Mechanical Licenses,and Print Licenses Performing Rights Licenses

A word to explain each of these licenses

Mechanical Licenses

A mechanical license gives a record company or other party the right to reproduce your song on to a record. You might negotiate this license directly with the person who wants to record your song.

For US residents..Music artists who wants to record your song may obtain a compulsory mechanical license.

The compulsory mechanical license is a creation of the United States Copyright Act. Here's how it works. In American law, US Code Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 115(a)(2)[2] states: "A compulsory license includes the privilege of making a musical arrangement of the work to the extent necessary to conform it to the style or manner of interpretation of the performance involved, but the arrangement shall not change the basic melody or fundamental character of the work ..." thus preventing mechanical licenses being used to make substantially derivative works of a song.

The compulsory mechanical license rate - also referred to as the statutory rate - is periodically modified. The royalty rate (what gets paid to the music publisher) is set by law, and is known as the "statutory rate." Effective January 1, 2006 the statutory mechanical rate is $.091 for songs 5 minutes or less, or $.0175 per minute or fraction thereof per copy for songs over 5 minutes.

Performing Rights Licenses:

By licensing and allowing the public performance, communication or reproduction of their music, songwriters may generate income known as royalties.. No matter that your songs are performed by a live band, or as a recording broadcast on the radio or television,in a fitness,in the market, shops..and all other public places, they are considered as public performance.

So, the radio station, television network, or any other public or non-public medium that want to use your song simply must have a performing rights license authorizing . You get paid every time your song is public performed, Live or on the radio.

Also, performing rights apply only to the song and not to the sound recording. Each time a song is performed publicly, the songwriter is entitled to receive royalties.( and not the recording artist singing the song ,the musicians playing the instruments,or the record company that released the record )

Some Performing right associations:

ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are the performing rights societies in the United States. These associations specialize in negotiating performing rights licenses and collecting performing rights royalties for their members (the songwriters).

The MCPS-PRS Alliance is the performing Rights organisation for the UK, and APRA ( Australian Performing Rights Association) is a non-profit organisation that collects royalties on behalf of its Australian members, and by agreement, for all the copyright owners around the world.

Normally spoken , there are performing rights organizations in almost every country world wide. If you don't find one in your own country, then maybe you can try to join ASCAP in the US or MCPS , UK. Performing Rights associations are doing the same job in every country. Collecting performing royalties for it's members. To find more info on performing rights associations go here.

Synchronization Licenses:

Through a synchronization license,negotiate by a music publisher, you authorize someone to use your song with visual images. The visual images might be from a commercial, film, video,the intro tune television show, program or any other audiovisual production. Not to mention that for each of these, the fee can be quit variating. A title song for a film or video can be in a range of $50.000, to 150.000. Just as an example..

The amount of money that you can generate for your song,music.. used for one of the previous mentioned are difficult to predict.Synchronization fees are subject to negotiation . It all depends of the importances of the music or the importances of the song in the visual production. It can be small, it can be huge. The more famous the program or the people in that program are, the higher the fee will be.

Print Licenses

what you will earn as a songwriter.?

A print license authorizes the sale of your song in printed form. With other words, when your song lyrics are published into a book form like a collection of several songwriters. Could be also in a form of sheet music.

Printed music is sold as single song sheet music or as part of a folio, which is a book containing a collection of songs by one or more songwriters. Or when your song lyrics are published in a magazine. For every book unit that is sold you get a part. Or the music publisher will negotiate a deal for the use of the lyrics.

4)Looking for Songs?

Quintin from Virginia Beach, United States is looking for R&B/Urban songs.

Web Site URL: www.myspace.com/ytauraus Contact E-mailE-mail Address: tauraus66@yahoo.com

Nicollette, also from New Port Richey, US is Looking for songs genre: Christian artist, pop/rock, pop Contact E-mail Address: forver_changed16@hotmail.com

Both parties ( songwriter-and singer/artist) have to consider of making contracts first, before using or sending any copyrighted songs or music.

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5) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

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