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1) Welcome friends...

Welcome to our subscribers, new and... not so new...

Hi guy's .. Glad to be back again, as you see and hear. Last month I took some free time. Call it vacation ( but ..had some very urgent work to do,tough) So.. my apologizes for not being there, forgot to tell you about it. Each year I will take August as the month when my newsletter will not be published ( I try to remember it myself)

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3- This month Article: Look Pro! Be Pro!

So.. what I have been doing during this month.. Well, I've being up-dating the record label listing. A enormous work..believe me.

And ..while I was working on setting up these label listings ,I had this idea of writing something about the problems I saw there.

As I always recommend to look professional, many of these labels are not looking very professional.And I'm talking about their web site here.

What were the problems that I saw.. Well.. Many web sites were under construction. Some record labels used a free web page, like myspace, and geocities.

I have nothing against myspace,or geocities site or any other free web space but..I can't understand that a ( professional)record company,only using a FREE web site-for web presence. Such a company doesn't gives me the impression that it is really a trustworthy business company, were you can send your demo to.

A record label that deserves this name should be an example for musicians,songwriters, and music artists. A website is a window to the world. Can you imagine that you have a store that has a window to the street for free? Can you imagine that you start a store in the real world for nothing? If you can , then I want to hear it how you will do this. Can you imagine that you start a songwriting career for free. A free guitar, piano, recording studio and equipment for free.

If you think you can have this all for free.. please let me know how. I want to hear it.

But serious..I advise to take your career serious and to look professional.

There are three things that you have to think and take care about that they really will do for a pro.

Your promotion package that you send to the A&R and the music publisher, must look irreproachable. In other words: Professional.

The recording of your demo must be perfect or almost. Maybe not mastered but it must and should be a descend recording.This cost money. The choice is up to you. Would you like to be taken serious or not?

You need a website that looks good and this will make the difference between the Pros and the amateurs. Again , that's is up to you to decide to which category you want to belong.

But..their are also real trees standing in the wood, and maybe more than fake bushes.. Anyway, you, the songwriter, or singer-songwriter must look professional, even if your( still) not a pro yourself.

You need:

A reliable site.

An almost perfect recording of your demo CD.

And a perfect looking promotion package to pitch out.(very important)

All this, together with strong song material, and you're on the right track to get the right attention from the right people.

And in the long run ( or even the short)you'll win, believe it or not but you'll win.

That's all I wanna say today. Perhaps I was a little bit disappointed with the sites of the record labels that I wrote this article.

Follow the good and left the bad were they belong.

Next month I shall do some explaining about how I see my site www.song-makes-musicbusiness.com.and why I 've started it.. Also, how you can contributes to that site with content,articles, and if your interested, then please let me know.

Hope to meet you again folks,next month ( and this time I'll be on time).

Lots of fun..

3-Looking for Songs?

Don't forget, before making any agreements :The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... When using songs or let using your songs. Make an agreement on paper!

Janelle from Canada is looking for hip-hop or pop songs.

E-mail Address:precious_kitty86@hotmail.com


Shannon from Calgary,Canada is looking for Blues/Rock/ R&B songs. E-mail Address: sshhaaddee@hotmail.com Web Site URL: www.myspace.com/shannonshade

4) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about your own web site and online business.. Please... Check this out before you take the wrong host...

So, we've come to the end of this month Issue. Up to our next one, I should say.

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