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1) Welcome friends...

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3) News: Michael Jackson has passed away

We'll remember that King of pop "Michael Jackson" has past away. He has inspired many people, and also many musicians, and songwriters. Michael was an enormous talent as performing artist,songwriter and dancer. His death came much too early. Michael Jackson was 51.

Now, more ...

4)This month article: Internet fraud

It would be great when everything was just perfect and honesty was the prime factor on the Internet.

Fact is, the world wide web is far from a perfect. There are the little fraud things: for example: It all start with a "bad" link exchange. I rank well, while damaging your ranking with a false link exchange. (

more about right linking here)

How does it come that there's so much fraud?

The Internet is an anonymous service that everyone can use, for better and for worse. This can have his advantage but is also a bad thing too. That's the main reason why these fraud things can happen. Also,from my point of view,there's little or no control to keep "scam" outside. Fact is, the Internet has become so big that it is really hard to control it...

Everyday, millions, and millions are surfing on the world wide web and thousands of web sites are build. Some of them are seeing opportunities to make money,and this making it fast, and anonymous. These people rip of others who are not suspecting anything. This can happen with out taking any risk. Although, times are changing..and that's a good news.

The fraud is a real plague on the net. In the first place for the or the true honest" E-business guy's who are trying to start a business in a honest way. "Trust" If there's too much fraud on the net, visitors are very suspicious, not in a willing to buy mood, let stand that they wanna to use their credit card. Will surfers still trusting the true honest business sites on the net, will they? The 'entrepreneur" who's starting an e-business shall have it hard to convince visitors that his business, service is truly "honest". He/she will have to work twice as hard to achieve this goal. This all, because of the scam guy's ruing the business on the Internet with their so called "Internet Fraud".

How many forms of "Fraud" are there?

There's fraud in many forms.. There's spam and scams who are sending you tons of e-mails.Advice: Never open spam (virus tread) Scam email is an e-mail that offers you a business proposition. Very dangerous to step in it.

They are asking your identification data , or your Bank account number ( to send you a few millions to it) They can make fake identification papers and even fake visa or bank cards. Deleting them is the best option. How it's possible that you receive these emails? Probably because you have subscribed to an newsletter, and those people have sold their mail list to scams for a small price.

- Then there are people who fill in a web form. I have to deal with this kind of spam myself. Be carefull never to click to one of the links that are available in a scam- form. Again, for reason of virus tread.

-Ghost businesses: You purchase a product on a web site,but never receive the product. After a week or so the web site is gone and your money also.

- shark publishers: They ask you to inclusion on a compilation CD, and you have to pay a fee of course. If you are really convinced that this is a company with a "good" reputation, you can go for a deal. But I don't recommend it. If you sign for a deal, it's you that have to receive money, and not spending it for an inclusion.

We can continue a long time to list up all things that can be fraud on the net, but in the end it's up to you and your judgment to make a decision.

Musicians, songwriters...they all want to make and want to make it big.

All of this has created a prime market for Internet services and products targeted towards music artists. Unfortunately for us, the majority of these are scams.They want to become rich and quick too.

So, be carefull....

For instants... if you wish to start an online business , and you come across a site that promise you to get rich in no time. You step in for free, then later on you can upgrade to silver for let's say $50 a month. Then you can go for gold:That's $150.. Quick rich!: you better run a mile. Or better push the delete or go back button.Believe me, these companies and services exist. The truth is that there are more scams ten one would expected. Are there any honest services on the net?

The best way is to inform you through the social networking sites on the net: Facebook, twitter,Myspace,....(If you've been visiting my web site, on every page there's a list with social networking sites. )

Many of you are already familiar with social networking. Ask around if a company or a service doesn't play the game as it should be. If you want to find out if a company,product or service is honesty working well. Then a social network is the right place to hear about it. If you have a bad experience with a service or a company that doesn't keep it's promesses..Again, you can spread the news if you wish. You can prevent that other's make the same mistake.

I hope you understand the need for "Honesty" on the net. If you start a business yourself. Play it fair. It probably takes more time, but as you already heard somewhere: Honesty is the best policy.

Paul Webmaster: Song-makes-musicbusiness.com

5)Useful services

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