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3- Article:How to promote your songs to the radio stations?

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1) Welcome word..

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3)Article: How to promote your music to the radio stations?

This month article is about radio promotion.

Many artists and songwriters sometimes don't bothering sending their promotion demo to the radio stations. The least you can say is that hey will mis some opportunities here!

Radio can be an excellent way to promote yourself and your music. It's one of these excellent promotion roads to reach many people, and this promotion is free. People who hear your or your band's music, and then can become your fans.

Also, if your songs get airplay on the radio, don't forget to mention this in your press kit's promotion letter that you send to A&R, or publishing companies. They are interested in this kind of information.

About radio promotion...


There are 4 different kind of radio stations where you can send your promotion package to.

* The locale radio stations. * The national radio stations. * The student or college radio. * The Internet radio.

I think that each of them can be important to promote your music to,for your band,or for your self.

But let me explain what each of these of promotion possibilities are first.

Starting with the most interesting one: The locale and student

Their biggest advantage is that they are smaller, and so the but there are quit a lot of them. This compensate the fact they are much smaller.

The national radio stations will prefer established names,rather than quality unsigned music. But as I said. You never knows how things turn. If you have a quality recording,nicely packed, and labeled. they will take you for professionals. You will have a chance ..

The advantage of the students and the locale radio When you have a contract or a CD release, than you can send your demo to as-many locale and student radio stations as you want to. There are so many.

If you have included with your CD package , a telephone number,number of cell phone , and your email address, they maybe let you know what they thought about your music, when they gonna play your music

The locale stations have the advantage that they will promote locale talent and give them a chance tot play listings their music. They have also their specific program for almost every style of music. So, if you describe your style of music in a the letter with all the other contact stuff, they can pass on your CD to the right person. Of course, before they will broadcast your songs, they will always review your music first. That's the game of the business. If everyone's loving your music, you get your Chance for the big radio audience.

Where you find this radio's? To start, you can find the locales on your own radio. In the yellow pages you surely will find what you're looking for.

Student radio have their own specific audience,their fans. Like the name says, the students. They are based in the mayor university cities. Most of the student radios are promoting indie bands, and indie music. So, don't worried about your music.They have different styles of music, so certainly they'll play your style of music too.

The National Radio stations!

They are the biggest and best known by people, but to a beginner songwriter or band difficult to get into .

It's not easy, but it isn't impossible also.

To get some airplay on these radios you need to know a insider. A person who's working there, or some one who knows someone. If they listen to your CD , and they love your music, you're in. In other words, you might have a chance to get into. So, don't send your demos unsolicited. When you want to get airplay on these kind of radio stations,try to contact their manager,CEO, or any other person, before sending any demo. Be polite (as usual)and find out who's doing the program ( or the producer,...) that fits your style of music.

If you have send them a broadcast quality music CD. With a little luck,who knows,wonder sometimes do happen!

If they like your music,of course.

It's the same rule for the local, and the student radios.

Best is that you first to get contact with an insider one before sending your music.

This contact can happen by e-mail or directly by phone.

The last one is the Internet radio station. Internet radio is one of the most fastest growing radio. Every day there are a few new starting on the net (and maybe more than a few).

Simply, because they are very easy to start with. Actually, there are websites where you can start your own station, like live365.

They have the same quality as the normal radios ( but a smaller audience). For instants,every radio has his own style of music, so people can pick the radio they want, and listen to the music they love (Just as in the normal world.

Some bands, and artists have started their own Internet radio that plays their music, and the music of friends only. Everyone can start one, so you too, if you wish. No problem at all. As I mentioned previous,www.live365.com is an example radio website with a large collection of radios..

So, if you want to find airplay on the Internet, this may be a good place to start with. Directly broadcasting on the net with your own radio station.

So, if you want to find airplay on the Internet, this may be a good place to start with

If you succeed with the radio promotion!

A growing number of fans, more people coming to your gigs, and buy a CD, or download your latest album. Your career can take-of. It really can be the beginning of a brilliant music career.

4)Sad news!

The world has lost one of its musical legends with the passing of Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty.

Gerry Rafferty known from his mega hit song "Baker street", has died after suffering a long illness at the age of 63.

Visit our web site...Song Makes Musicbusiness.com

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