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and welcome to the latest issue of Songmaker!Xpress.

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1- Welcome word

2-For all our (New) subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-books. Starting an online business! All you have to know..

3-article: FAQ about music promotion

4- Songwriting contest, and "Into the spotlight"..

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1) Welcome word..

Dear <>,

Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriter x-press.

Christmas all around , no time to be down. The New Year is arrived, and it's time to make new plans. Big plans for the year 2012. I wish you all a happy and great 2012. That your dream(s) may come true.

Again, thank you <> for the support, and also special thanks to all new subscribers who may not forget to download our two free e-books..


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Article: FAQ related to music promotion..

Last month we have explain about the music business by the questions that we saw coming-in. This month we'll talk about music promotion, and the FAQ that we receive.

Q: I received an e-mail from a record company..

They asking to include my song into their next compilation CD project. It will cost me money, but could it be worth the promotion?

Answer: I would never pay to be included in a compilation CD. The reason is that I am a pure songwriter, so non-performing. For a band it's different. If the record label is in your area, this could mean that you get a lot of promotion, and that you could go on a gig tour. Some record labels are working this way. They promote locale talent, so this record label is also a music promotion company. Many bands are wild enthusiast that they get some exposer on a CD ( even for a fee with twenty other artists, bands).

The emails that you receive in your mailbox are very attractive, and sometimes even misleading. You pay a fee and all the promises are staying far a way. The only thing that you've learned is " Never no more". But as I say, some bands get the chance to do quit some gigs, when the record label is from that area. For instants, they promise you that you will have 1/20 part from the CD sale units. But , you will learn that in most cases not a penny is paid to the include artists. OK, I'm willing to believe that there are truly honest music business people on the world wild web. Mostly they include only one genre of music. This could be country, blues, metal, rock, punk...All the bands and music artists include on the compi CD have the same style of music. Secondly, they must have some experience in doing compi CD's. The longer they exist, the better ( trustworthy) the company will be. Shark publishers, or shark labels doing compilations CD's don't last for long.

The word is spread very quickly through social networking sites , and forums. They go out of business, and re-start after a while. But heck, that the Internet, and the net is the same way as the real world even more misleading because it's all incognito, anonymous..

Like I said, if you meet the bad guy's , you'll learn a wise lesson. Never to trust anyone on the net, an less you know the company for a long time.

It's the same way with evaluation services. They cost money, and you get an honest evaluation of your song(s). But if you send your demo submissions to the music industry people, they make a assessment of your music too. Or they are good, or they reject your songs because your music doesn't sound strong enough( most common feedback).

So, in both case you get feed back, only with the record companies, or publishing companies, the feed back is free. Or your songs will do, or they don't and make it to the trash-mill.

Q: What's the best web presence. Facebook page, or a Myspace page.

Answer. Both will do a great job. Myspace started as a free music promotion site, and all the others where following. Think about having an Youtube account also. Although I think that having a Facebook, youtube or a Myspace.com page is great, I'm convinced that having your own website is better.

But like I said, a Youtube page, Myspace, or facebook, twitter, Google+.. account is good. This said, we also offering free advertisement on the newsletter, see "Into the spotlights"..

But sometimes we get submissions from bands, or music artists, who including all kind of info, but no website url, like a Myspace, or Facebook, or a Youtube. Fact is, how can we verify if they mean it serious? How do we know if we only get a email address..

As hard as it is to refuse

Thruth is, if you can't show us your web-presence , we can't put your ad in our newsletter. If we include someone in our newsletter, we must verify that it's not a joke or a spam. If we can't verify who are the people behind the band, the music artist, and see it with our own eyes on Myspace,Youtube video, or Facebook. Sorry, you don't get an entry.

If you have create a Youtube , Myspace, or Facebook account, ....or maybe your own website, then we're glad to get you an add in our newsletter. This add will stay for two Issues, and will be there as long as the website "song-makes-music-business" lives, and in the Back-issues available on our site . A social network account is free, and takes only a bit of your time.. Create one, ASAP.

Fact is:

With your own website

you can reach a lot more people

This through search engines and keyword search. All around the world people are looking for information, and they can come to your website if your content is matching with the keywords they have entered in the Google search box. To have a better view of what "Having a website" means, I suggest that you download both the E-books that I'm offering.

Both are for free, so, download them and read what it means to have a serious website on the Internet. As I say, it's for "FREE". Both E-books are worth of great value, and worth a lot of money. I just can't recommend nothing better then to read those two books.

Songwriting contest

That could be interesting for you..

The Sandra James Music Foundation announces the Sandra James Songwriting Contest 2012, now in its 4th year. This year the Grand Prize is a $2500 award. This contest provides an opportunity to promote the music and message of Sandra James by having entrants compose new songs that align with her ideals.


Songs should reflect Sandra's message and passions: positive changes involving children, music, peace and the protection of the environment.

Into the spotlights..

Hi. This is the "Spotlight" corner of our monthly newsletter. Every one who's can be into the "Spotlights". Just reply th our newsletter and let me know who you are. You need to be a subscriber, and you need to have a website, or Myspace,... This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check out if you are over 18 years old. If you're under 14, please don't submit.. So, if you submit us this info, and

if we notice your name and e-mail address in our mailing list, you'll get your promotion ad. Better not give 'NO' specific details like street address,cellphone number..... This to avoid that people start spamming you. Spam is a real plague on the net..I'll know itfor myself..sad thing, but that's the net,isn't it?

Your ad will stay live here on our newsletter for two month, and all the back-issues stay available on our website were visitors of our site can see and read it again.

The webmaster

Singer/songwriter Noelle Bean

Twenty years old Singer/songwriter Noelle Bean,is determined to make her music dream come true. Although she has a lot supporting fans on the net, Noelle is still unsigned..

Noelle writes: I'm from Nashville,Tennessee but Dallas, Texas is currently my home! A dream of mine come true. I don't write just to write and put a new song out. The lyrics you hear are from my life, and coming from the Heart..

Noelle has also webpresence on Youtube,facebook,twitter and makemefamousent.com.

You can visit one of Noelle's networking page here:

Visit our web site...Song Makes Musicbusiness.com

5) Useful services

Are you thinking about starting your own website! Everyone deserves a second chance in live..This company can give you this chance.. T building an online business.. Not about "quick rich" but "Easy,if you know how"..

Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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