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1) Welcome word..

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Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriter x-press. Chrismass and New Year are coming closer and closer.. What will the New Year bring.. Let's hope of something good.. I wish you a great Chrismass and the best in the New year ...(a little early, but better too early than too late, Isn't it so?

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Article: FAQ related to music business..

When a record deal is offered, do I need a solicitor (Lawyer) to check out my music contract ( record deal, or publishing deal....).

Normally, not in the UK . Here's no lawyer required for reading a contract. The contracts are written in plain English, and you can understand what is state. But ok, if it's a contract of about a few hundred thousands ( pounds, Euro or $), then it wouldn't hurt you either, if it's a contract of that size it even is recommended to contact a lawyer. So, well or not asking a lawyer for help is greatly depending of how big the contract is gonna be. Also, there's some difference between a band contract or a songwriters contract for one song. Although, you never know how much money a song can generating, a band has mostly a contract that state a certain amount of money that will be spend on the group. Again, a contract is also different for the US then for the UK.

However , in the United States is always recommended to see a solicitor before a contract is signed. If you get a contract offered in the US, there contract are difficult to read. There are few people who actually understand what is written on paper, and a band should let the contract examen by a entertainment solicitor can be a wise decision. In such a contract, pitfalls are easily over looked.

Do I need to send submissions to a publisher or a record label?

Well, there's no problem to send both to record labels, and to music publishers. Because many record labels are working together with music publishers. So sending to one or sending to the other wouldn't make a big difference.

Can I start my own record label?

Of course you can. There are in fact no special qualifications needed to start a record label. Knowing how to organize the whole business would be of course a great advantage. There are a few good resources that give you some guidance of-what you have to do if you wish to start your own record label.

Look around on the net. There are so many independent labels, and there are a lot starting and also disappearing after a while. They disappears because they don't make any money. That's why I try to recommend to do some research and some learning first before you jump start a record label. So , having a record label is doable ( but you better have a few people that run the business together) What you need to start a record label..

If I get many rejection letters, should I give up on songwriting then?

Having rejection letters from record labels and publishers is not the end of the world. It could be even a good ting.

Not every company take the time to send a rejection letter..so.

Also, every starting music artist, and songwriter has got rejection letters. Rejection letters are not a big deal, and certainly no reason to quit songwriting. You could stop sending submissions for a while, or even for a few years. If you can't stand rejection letters , then stop sending submissions.But, keep on writing songs as much as you can..

After writing a sufficient number of songs, then make a compilation of your best three songs, and pitch them for the last time. If you still are not successful, then stop sending submissions, but keep writing songs. After-all, you are into songwriting not for the money. You write songs in because you love songwriting in the first place. That's my best advice, as long as you love songwriting, never quit.

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Songs should reflect Sandra's message and passions: positive changes involving children, music, peace and the protection of the environment.


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The webmaster

Singer/songwriter Noelle Bean

Twenty years old Singer/songwriter Noelle Bean,is determined to make her music dream come true. Although she has a lot supporting fans on the net, Noelle is still unsigned..

Noelle writes: I'm from Nashville,Tennessee but Dallas, Texas is currently my home! A dream of mine come true. I don't write just to write and put a new song out. The lyrics you hear are from my life, and coming from the Heart..

Noelle has also webpresence on Youtube,facebook,twitter and makemefamousent.com.

You can visit one of Noelle's networking page here:

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