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3- This Month Article: THe Electronic Press Kit

In this article I will discuss the importance of your demo submission. What you need to include and what you don't. I already spend a page on this issue on the artists promotion package, but there are some interesting changes going on about submitting your music to the music business people, that I decided to give some complementing info, concerning this topic. So if some one doesn't already has read the article on-site, you can do it right now and come back to read the rest.

It started this way:

For many years , I have been reading many articles about music business pro's (labels and publishers) who are receiving loads of packages from artist and songwriters.

Sometimes with too less information and sometimes too much, but useless info. Because a publisher don't care about how much time you have spent writing your song, or that you didn't had the right instruments to let your song sounding brilliant. Or that you got inspiration by Lake Michigan in Spring time. If a publisher or A&R man gets a 4000 characters long promotion letter, half way he'll lay the letter a side, maybe together with the package. So, reading to much info is for him a waste of his time.

A&R people receive hundreds or some thousands packages a week. So, don't think your artist promotion package is one of the few they will receive.

As a matter of fact, It's more one of a thousand.

They just don't have enough time to read long bio letters .Give them the most important info about you or about your band and let all the rest just rest. They will have a quick listen to the demo, and if you are lucky they listen to the last song, but only for a few seconds.

They are curious about is the reviews that, you,your band have got. What you have already established in your songwriting career. What you wish to achieve . Just an example what to include in your your promotion letter. But keep it short..

Most important thing is that they like your songs, then.. OK .

About The package

The music pro's reason that when they see a artist promotion package that looks poor, they think the inside ( your music CD) is also poor.

So,they think, why spending time to listen to that piece of... They make a selection and the first impression ( and that's the out side) makes it to the pile of "to listen" or makes it to the pile of the rubbish".

That's only hard fact. How bigger the company, how bigger the pile and how faster it goes with assessing an promotion package of the out side.

And..No chance of asking your demo back. If you would make a request with a self addressed envelop, sufficiently stamped on or add a banknote (I don't know how legal this is)you're maybe lucky with a small independent label but not with the mayor ones you better wave your CD goodbye the moment you put them on the mail.

Don't pitch-out promotion package blind. Again, it's a waste of time and money on both sides.Their time is money.

Put all the relevant info into your artist promotion package, so they have an idea of what you and or your band is all about.

who they are dealing. Look pro be pro..

Pure songwriters should include this:

# Name and contact info.

# Your bio (short)

# The instruments used on the cd?

# Website URL ( if you have one).

# Are you a singer-songwriter?

# Have you got any press quotes?

# Contest or awards?

# Do you have your own studio?

# Names of the other musician's playing on the demo.

# Maybe the name of the vocalist ( when from demo company)?

# Have you co-written the song? Name of the co-autor.

# Of course , the lyric sheets not to forget.

What bands should include:

*The name of the band. * contact info.

*You contact info must be included on every

* he bands bio - short no longer then 200 words. ,

* the lyric sheets with the bands name on, in case they have lost your stuff in their office., then it's easier to track it.

*The names of every band member and the instruments they are playing?

*Track listing of course, but no more then 3 or 4 songs.

*Your website URL never to forget. (if you don't have a website, it's time to start one .)

*Have you done some CD sales or cd downloads?

*How many fans are in your database?

*Did your band have won any awards/contest?

*If you have got some radio airplay. On what radio?

* The gigs, how many tickets have you sold?

* Any future gigs. When will it happen and where?

*The name of the songwriter? (could be a band-member)

*Any good reviews in magazine's or newspapers?

*Do you have a video of your performing?

And here starts the new way of promoting your demo to the music industry. EPK, or the Electronic Press Kit is the name.

An EPK is a promotion package but this time Internet version.

Most of the existing EPK's are Myspace or Youtube, but you can use your own web site to promote your music with an EPK. Also, you can create videos were you provide all your info, written above, but this time a spoken word version.

If you thinking about making an EPK yourself:

* Look pro is Be pro

* Use a quality camera to make a video ( no GSM)

* Don't make videos too long, Max 10 min

* Try to find some professional people to do the filming.

* Include the same info as you would do with the normal demo submissions.

Here's how Sir Paul has done it on YOUtube...

An EPK is the new form of demo promotion. Promotion of your EPK will be done through e-mail marketing. A&R people can watch your EPK as they like, and the advantage of an EPK is that they don't have to do any CD-crushing.But not all labels are accepting EPK submissions, so try to find out wish labels accepting EPK submissions.

Sending an EPK with E-mail is easy, and cost you nothing. Just right an outstanding introduction e-mail and include the right URL of your EPK. Easy and fast.

Most of the work is ..

# the making of the videos

# and the making of an web site, myspace or Youtube that looks very creative and attractive

If you ask me,EPK is the future for promoting yourself and your music. It's not easy to keep-up with all the things changing on the Internet. T Try to keep up with the changes,though, but take your time. It better looks pro then amateurish. Try to stand aside from the rest.

I think that I made my point here, and so I wish to end my plea here..

Wish you much success and have lots of fun..in making and submitting your EPK.


Looking For Songs..

Two submissions this month/

First , boughalem from Dublin,Ireland

E-mail Address: boughalemproduction@hotmail.fr Web Site URL: www.myspace.com/boughalem

Genre of music: folk and rock'n roll

Raney from the United States

E-mail Address: freakaleakchick14@yahoo.com

Genre of music: r&b, hip hop

Both parties have to consider of making contracts first, before using or sending any copyrighted songs or music.

4) Song Contests News

Great American Song Contest Great American Song Contest.

Closing date: December 2007

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Closing: December 2007 John Lennon Songwriting Contest

4) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about your own web site and online business.. Please... Check this out before you take the wrong host...

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