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Internet radio is one of the fastest growing radio, and probably the most interesting one also. That's why we have created here a page with a selection of radio, and radio websites that could be interesting for you to add your music. The advantages of the world wide web radio are:

They have the same quality as the normal radios ( but a smaller audience). They are very easy to start with.Because actually everybody can start one., there are websites where you can start your own station, like live365.

Every radio has his own style of music,so what you have to do is just pick and add..So people that come to a radio website can pick the radio they want, and listen to the music they love.

Many bands, and artists starting their own radio on the Internet. Everyone can start one easy, so you can too, if you wish so. No problem at all. As I mentioned previous,there are a number of websites that host a whole collection of radio stations. So, if you want to find airplay on the Internet, this may be a good place to start with. Directly broadcasting on the net with your own radio station.

So, if you want to find airplay on the Internet, this may be a good place to start with .

Internet radios..Here's the list..

Internet Radio Station, 977 offering Free Online Music content and Social Networking.

GRM780 Gran Emporium Internet Radio is accepting music submissions from indie artists of the rap/hip-hop and r&b/soul/funk genres. ... is free internet radio with radio stations, featuring hit music, ... with the best in online radio and streaming top 40, rap, rock, urban, alternative music,Indie Rock,

Indie radio

International,UK,Canad, and the United states online radio stations

Indiepop Radio is a streaming internet radio station and podcast that plays indie songs with proper tunes and proper lyrics: Indiepop, Sarah Records, ...

Home of the Indie Artists. An International Internet Radio Station. Our shows are live with live DJ's ... Long Live The Music!! Long Live Indie Showcase! ...

Radio 1190 The best independent music Award Winning Station.

Indie Rock, 80's/90's Alternative and Classic ... Download Free New Music From 3WK Undergroundradio Check out new indie rock downloads ... 3WK Internet Radio


Canadian online radio stations

CBC Radio 3 Features all genres of new music, including punk, hip hop and electronica. Live internet broadcaster.

Christian Radio and Media Directory

CMTuner Christian radio stations devoted to heavy metal/hard rock. Indie Artist Stations Independant Christian Music Stations ...

US radio online

USA online radio stations....

Indie Station on Slacker Radio. Slacker is an interactive Internet radio service available in the US and Canada...

Free Internet Radio from Las Vegas

Internet radio station plays the best country, rock, alternative, hip hop, jazz, rap, house, and indie music. Tune in today for free and independent

WDYN Radio Rochester's ONLY Independent Radio Station that plays ONLY Local and Indie Music Every Day.

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