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As we all know that Nashville is the center of all that's belongin to music and also one of the bigger and better , well known for music publishing.

Here on this page you find a selection of Nashville music publishing companies, and their contact information. We didn't have listed all Nashville publishers just ( that we thought)the most important .

What's the role of the music publisher?

If you're not sure what to include in your promotion package or your EPK How to send submissions to the Nashville companies.

Nashville Music Publishing companies...

With Nashville music publishers

Beckett Music Group (country)

1006 18th Avenue South

Nashville, TN, 37212.


Ann Wilson Music Group

20 Music Sq W

Nashville, TN 37203

Bluegrass & Cadillacs Publishing

Murfreesboro, Dr.

Music publisher Nashville, TN 37217


BMG Music Publishing

One Music Circle N., Suite 380

Nashville, TN, 37203


Bug Music

1026 16th Ave. S.

Nashville, TN, 37212

Banner Music

...Banner Music based in the center of Music:

LLC PO Box 178.

Bell Buckle, TN 37160 ...

website :

Rob Baird Carnival Music Publishing › Writers 24 Mar 2011 – The final mixes were sent to Nashville based publishing company and independent record label, Carnival Music.

Crazy Rae Music

Nashville music publishing and artist management company, Crazy Rae Music, offers the best in groovin' New Orleans style music,


Copperfield Music Group

1400 South St

Nashville, TN 37212

Phone:(615) 726-3100

Criterion Music Corp.

1027 17th Avenue South, Suite B

Nashville, TN, 37212


Crutchfield Music (country)

1106 17th Avenue South

Nashville, TN, 37212


Curb Music

49 Music Square East

Nashville, TN, 37203


Deston Songs

1602 17th Avenue South

Music publisher Nashville, TN, 37212.


Dennis Morgan Songwriter Publishing

Dennis ,music publisher since 1984. ... This includes record labels and recording studios all based in Nashville, Tennessee,..

Dreamworks SKG Music Publishing

1516 16th Ave. South

Nashville, TN, 37202


Fricon Entertainment Company (film/TV music, country)

11 Music Square E., Suite 301

Nashville, TN, 37203


Horipro Publishing (country)

1819 Broadway

Nashville, TN, 37203


Life Of Rhyme Studio and Music Publishing Company,based in Nashville, Tn ...

Moraine Music Group

one of Nashville's most innovative publishing and production companies. Founded by Grammy-winning producer Brent Maher, the ...

Plateau Music Nashville Record Label Nashville Recording ...

An independent Nashville music producer and Nashville record label, in Nashville Recording studios with legendary publishers, producers and major ..

Savannah Music Group

Nashville Savannah Music Group is a grass roots music publishing company located in the heart of Nashville's Music Row. ...

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

8 Music Square W.

Nashville, TN,

Ten Ten Music and Universal Music Group Nashville have had a long history of success together. That success is being continued thanks to recent cuts by ...

Parlor Productions

Nashville Music Publishing and recording studio ...A full-service Grammy Nominated studio in Nashville, USA. Specializes in making records for record labels and independent artists. Parlor

Peer Music

1207 16th Avenue South

Nashville, TN, 37212

Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville One of the leading Nashville music publishers.

Pat Higdon, EVP/General Manager,

Wrensong Publishing Corporation

1229 17th Avenue South

Nashville, TN, 37212


Warner Chappell Music

20 Music Square East

Nashville, TN, 37203


Windswept Pacific

33 Music Square West, Suite 104-B

Nashville, TN, 37203.


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