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Hi and welcome to our "Ireland music producer" page. Here you'll find a listing with music producing companies active in Ireland and from any music genre.If you are looking for a music producer and you living in Ireland then this page will be right for you. Ireland is known as the most music artist friendly nation on the planet.

Why I'm telling you this? Well, because if you are a resident of the Republic of Ireland, and you are a professional songwriter,lyric writer, or have any other creative profession( songwriter,lyric writer, writer,.....), you'll pay 'ZERO' taxes.Although, the crises had hit Ireland very hard..

It's very well possible that this special tax policy for music artists and songwriters could change..Time will learn More about taxes and songwriting..

You read it right. Creative artists don't have to pay no taxes on their work.

If you wish to read more about the producer's  job..then go here to music producer page..

Ireland Music Producers: Here's the list...

Ainm Music is one of Ireland's leading producers of traditional Irish music, Irish dance and Irish set dance CDs and DVDs . Here we present a sample of some ...

Sean Whelan Ireland's Leading Guitarist and Music Producer

web site:

Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer and

music producer John Faulkner His deep interest in ethnic music of all kinds eventually drew him to the strong living tradition of music in Ireland.

Professional Dublin Soundtrack and Show Reels Recording Studio

Dav is also a creative music producer, sound engineer and songwriter.

Karol Pokojowczyk music producer, TV Ad music producer, musician, ...

Bill Whelan Ireland based Composer, producer and arranger...

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