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Here you'll find a selection with music publishers and their contact information from the Houston area. So, some of the publishing companies are asking for music from around the corner, while others don't bother.. Listen their contact information carefully before sending any submissions.. When we come across a new name, our company ,we'll add them to our list. Follow the up-dates.

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If you're not sure what to include in your promotion package or how to send your submissions to the Houston music publishing companies. What to include in your artist promotion package..

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Aziyah Publishing

Coming Soon the public launch of Aziyah Publishing. Providing a unique opportunity for songwriters to ... houston music publishing production booking company. www.aziyahpublishing.com/

Glad Music Company Houston Texas is a music publisher talent developer and songwriter's friend since 1958. We also sell from CDs and ... Glad Music Co.

Most Cold Digital

Houston music publishing, songwriting, and music production company.. Mostcold Co

H W Daily Inc.

Omni Mgmt. 1909 Scott St Music publisher Houston, TX 77003

On The Level Promotions 11246 S Post Oak Rd Houston, TX 77035

TroyboyJr is a music producer and video producer in Houston, TX. He features a recording studio, music production, music video production.

TroyboyJr is a music producer and video producer based in Houston TX.


World Wide Music 7350 Senate Ave Music publisher Houston, TX 77040

Tierra Music Publishing is actively developing regional songwriters. Our record label is here to help get our development projects out into the world.

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