Christian Record Labels!

Christian Record Labels: Here's the list !

Hi  and welcome to our "Christian record labels" page .

Here you'll find a list with Christian,gospel or contemporary music record labels...

Most of these labels don't accepting demo submissions because they are overwhelmed with promotion packages and e video and other web related submissions ( what is the normal way for todays business to do.).

Be ware that before sending any submissions to these labels, have a look a their 'contact info' page. There You'll  find all the information that you   requiered.

Also, if not looking for a record deal, but are more interested in Christian music,than these labels are the right place to find your   music .

Some of these Christian record companies have many new Cd's and artists to promote. So you can listen to new songs and music samples on their site.

Ardent Records Christian Music Label Home Of Skillet, Todd Agnew, And Joy Whitlock.


Ardent Records

Jesus Christ centered gospel music providing Holy Hip Hop and Christian rap free mp3 downloads in the style of fred hammond and cross movement.

BEC Recordings

BEC Recordings, partner label with Tooth and Nail Records, was founded in 1997...

Capitol CMC label group

It's the market leader in the Christian Music genre..


Common Era Records

is an independent record label

Genres: Modern Rock, Indie, and Alternative Christian music.

Creative Soul Records . Christian Record Label and Ministry ... We're a true artist development label

less interested in making money selling our artists records, and more interested in growing amazing music artists and ...

Curb Records:
Record company owned by Mike Curb since 1962..

Deeperwell Records

is a non-profit Christian label based in Portland..

Dream Label Group

Founded by David Hanley in 2008. If you send submissions they will accept but because of the large amount of submissions they receive , they are not able to contact everyone back.

Dream Labels group website.

 GMA  mission The Gospel music

To promote,expose and celebrate the Gospel through music.  Very good site to find new christian  and gospel music.

 GMA Mission.

Nashville Record Label

Gateway Entertainment Inc

genres:Country, Christian, Country, Folk, Pop, Rock

Gold Note Music, Inc. City: Los Angeles U.S. State: California


The Premier Source for Catholic music, CDs ...Donnellson, Iowa-based studio for contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists, as well as spoken word features.

Integrity Music

Not curently looking for new artist .


Mandate Records Inc. is a Christian owned and operated, music recording and development company. The purpose of Mandate Records is to ...

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