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Colton Burpo with "Heaven"

The true story of Colton Burpo's encounter with God, Jezus and the Angels..

The boy who was 4 years when he had an near dead experience and went to heaven and back...People who have doubts about God and heaven..Well this is your chance to take the next step in believe.. IThere was the book first 'Heaven is real' and now theres also the movie...Read the book and watch the movie.. If a  4 year old boy can convince you, then who will?

Julia Lucio with " I'll remember You" Country: Canada with her song I(ll remember you...

Christian music video of the band Hillsong United

Hillsong United , Band from Australie, sings their song  

Touch of sky. with 1 hour left of the Mt Arbel paek open they ran up the hill and set up and went for a resuld.. This music video of the fantastic  band ...

Casting Crowns

Description of the band: Worchip songs.'Casting Crowns' has consistently delivered songs that spur listeners to evaluate their relationship with God and with the people around us...So, every song is a prayer to get clother to the Lord...and to get stronger in believe..

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