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This page is in created for pure songwriters writing Christian music..

I know that all the other music publisher pages are related to a city or a country, but I'm aware how important it can be for a Christian songwriter to find a publisher who's accepting Christian songs or music only.So, if you are into Christian music, then Christian music publishing is your target..

Publishers are the target for pure songwriters..Record labels are the target for bands, and singers or singer-songwriters.. The last one havethe advantage that there is a lot of request for quality, talented  singer songwriters..

 Christian music publishers: submissions...

Don't know what to include in your demo submission package? Then before sending your the information concerning your artist promotion package here . Good luck in your search..
Need to get a professional opinion on your music? ... if you are a Christian songwriter, or you're looking for great Christian music....

Fromthemoment Music publishing Nashville

Hatfield Music Publishing...

Christian music publishing company and record label...Are you into Church music, Gospel music. Then Hatfield music Publishing from South Africa...might be your wanted target...

Brentwood Benson

With close to 60,000 copyrights, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing owns the world's largest Christian music publishing catalog, and the second largest ...

Fairhill Music Co

Christian record label, and music publisher Fairhill Music

Paradigm Christian Music Publishing Christian Music Publishing offers. Fresh new voice in contemporary Christian music...

Solid Walnut Music A Christian music publisher dedicated to getting songwriters heard. We desire songs that can be utilized in pop and P&W.

Capitol Christian Music Group...

Capitol Christian Music group is a Christian music publishing company based in

From the Moment Music Publishing, Nashville, TN

Christian Music Publishing in Nashville, TN. ... For 25 years we have been working with Christian songwriters, artists...

  Amtune is an Christian Publisher and Record Label

Hal Leonard Online

The world's largest music print publisher. For over 60 years, we've been publishing and distributing ...

Beacon Hill Books Lillenas Drama Nazarene Publishing House Lillenas Publishing Company.

EMI Christian Music Group is the market leader in the field of Christian recorded music, distribution, and music publishing. Established in 1994 following ...

EMI Christian Music Group

Shout and Shine Music Publishing Have already published over 30 songs including some that have been charted nationally.

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