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Welcome everybody to the "Christian music online video watch" corner, where Christian music bands-artists will be featured, while they are performing or just when they have created a good quality video.

The purpose of this promotion corner is to give bands,and artists,(signed and unsigned) a push in the back and at the same time a bit of exposer.

To the visitors, and to everyone who loves Gospel music,

I advice to sit back the Christian music online video, enjoy and watch them right here!

Crystal Lewis "Lord I Believe"

Crystal Lewis "Lord I Believe" United States

Our Heart's Hero with "Tomorrow"

Our Heart's Hero "Tomorrow"

Driving Reign

Based in the Hartford CT area, Driving Reign is a blues/rock band with a modern edge and a passionate Christian message.

Rob with "I have Jezus in me"

Rob with "I have Jezus in me"

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