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The music business is probably the hardest business in existence. So, if you are into songwriting and a beginner songwriter, to know and understand the music business is a must. This website  is to  pass on  advice and  information concerning this business of writing songs..

 We'll   explain  all the aspects of the business of songwriting, and everything  that could matters for you and that could bring your songwriting to a higher level  and  closer to achieve your primaly goal: Getting signed, and become a successful songwriterl. I guess that's the dream of every songwriter, or isn't it so?

True, the music industry is not like any other business..It's a much harder business, and the hardest business to make a breakthrough.

On the other hand..It's the most exciting business too..You'll start a big adventure and after that you never know what comes. Success can let you wait. Just exspect nothing, and there will not be dissapointments. The fact is that If you never tried, then you'll never know. 

You probably meet some very interresting music business  professionals too.

The Music Business: How do it works...?

There are five big Major record labels and a lot of small independent record labels!

For instants, in the UK alone there are a few hundreds of independent labels, and a few hundreds of music publishing companies.

In the U.S. alone there are more then 10,000 Independent labels. Some are big and other smaller..Most of these labels have a small rooster , and currently signing any artists at the moment, unless it's necessary.

Getting Signed deal!

Even if you think that's is a large number, the chances to get signed to a record label or a publisher a rather small. So, all those  getting to achieve a record or publishing deal are considered as to be "the lucky ones".

Why? Because there are millions of artists all trying to get big..All fighting to get signed..Yep, this business  isn't a business as usual , and certainly not for the sensitive.. It's hard, it's succeed...

But if you get there, then you  just Live your dream!

Don't underestimate the factor "work"  in songwriting, and promoting yourself to the music business . Every day long hours working with little or no sleep and a lot of stress. That counts for every one: artist and the employees in the record companies.

On the other hand it's true. Making a living as a professional songwriter is living your dream.. You meet interesting people and if you play it well the financial rewards are for some quit big . Hit songwriters making millions of Dollars by income through royalties. But even without making a smashing hit and getting the fame and fortune, you can make money, or better  make a living of your music.   Of course, you'll do this as an Independent artist.

Anyway...Dear music making friend.. Just have a look around on our site , and you can keep  what you think that would be useful, and delete what can't serve your needs. 

What's working for me is not always working for you!

The right knowledge,and the right information are the key for a successfully songwriting career..Meeting the right people can be also important, but doing every step right wil bring you further..

Then,try to convince "the right" people of your talent; and make a  quality recording of your songs...

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Dear music friend, songwriter, or musician...Thanks for your visit. Feel free to visit all the  other pages , you find them below this text in the table of contents..and also in the left bars too. I Wish you  a great adventure and all the best with your future songwriting career, and remember: The key for success career as a songwriter, or musician, singer- songwriter is  Knowledge...and hard work...Also, you have to learn to deal with rejections. Every starting musician, songwriter has to deal with those un easy part of the music business world..

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